Monday, 27 May 2013

"Regular service will resume shortly................................"

We have been having "issues" with our internet connection and we are currently trying to change service providers.
Being rural it seems to be taking forever, which does not help.  Pants!
I can't load photos or download your lovely blogs for reading so don't go posting anything exciting, I don't want to miss out!
It is sunny here but getting colder and colder by the day and I'm keeping myself busy with everything that comes with family life.  Mr H is having a weeks holiday from the winery too, yahoo!  So it is all hands on deck!
Have a great week and hope to catch up very soon!
Elaina xo


  1. Good luck getting everything sorted out!!!

  2. Fingers crossed everything will soon be sorted! :) x

  3. Oh I feel quite disconnected when the internet is not available. Hope it is fixed soon.

    It is feeling as though winter is approaching here. Very cold mornings but a bit of sunshine during the day keeps the garden growning.

  4. I was just wondering where you'd gotten to Elaina! Hopefully it's all fixed soon... Pain in the bum I know! We're all waiting on you :)

    Sophie xo

  5. Oh no! I'd be lost without the internet... I hope you get your connection sorted soon. xx

  6. Ugh, how frustrating. Hope it's all sorted out soon


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