Thursday, 30 May 2013


A bit of cook book research for our "Date night" feast.

Saturday night Mr H and I had an at home "Date night".  The kids were packed off with family and we stayed in by the roaring fire.  I lounged like Lady Muck, drank bubbles and watched movies while Mr H cooked up a seafood storm in the kitchen.  Beef Udon and vege soup,  seafood stir fry - salmon, terakihi, squid, mussels and shrimps.  Topped off the next day with a huge cooked breakfast.  A huge walk was required in the Vineyard after all that.
It has been so cold lately.  Alot of fireside activities to keep warm.  This one was an impromptu bake off, poo pie to be exact (gross I know!).

Piles and piles of washing.  This is one of the things I don't like about the colder months.  And my boys get so muddy playing outside that there are often constant clothing changes throughout the day.  Even when it is cold outside, I like to wrap everyone up and head outside for fresh air.
New cardi and pretty scarf.  Love the flower pattern on this one.

Tom has never been one for sitting down and drawing.  He prefers to be outside or playing with his cars and trucks.  But lately he has been coming home from kindy with all sorts of things.  Loving his wood pieces.

Planting -  Bell has been choosing her own vege plants and is planting up her own gardening space.  Looking forward to seeing what she grows.  Bell has thrown away the tags and can't remember what plants she picked!

The start of my Winter garden, albeit a little later than planned.  Fruit and vegetables around these parts is plentiful and cheap in summer, not so in Winter when alot of it comes from other parts of the country or overseas.  Hoping to have a plentiful kitchen garden.

We have new residents in the fairy garden.  Horses and a funny looking fairy.  And we have added wooden stepping "stones" and lots of garden moss.
Georgie, sound asleep on Dad after one of our walks in the vineyard.  Mr H lapped it up.

Hooray!  Internet connection is back up and running.  I really do love this blogging gig!  And as we don't watch TV I'm reliant on catching up on news online.  Not to mention online banking and the all important internet shopping browsing!

Mr H is home on holiday from the winery this week.  Loving having him around.  He would make a brilliant housewife!  I think he would do a far better job than me to be honest.

We have been quietly busy over the last week or so.  Getting into the swing of Autumn and Winter family rountines.  Tom has started Rugby "little rippers" for the under 6 team.  Very cute and funny but sooooo cold.  As my brother pointed out if George plays as well we have the next 10 -15 years of Saturday morning winter games to look forward too........and maybe an All Black or two?

Hope your week is a good one!



  1. So glad you are back online! Our router got hit by lightning a fortnight ago...we didn't have internet for 24 hours and I missed it terribly!!!

  2. How wonderful to have your Mr around to help and to enjoy his company!! I think your date night is a great idea! We need one of those around here!!! I'm loving the pictures of your sweet kiddos! Bell in the garden and George cute is he!?!?! And the fairy garden is looking spectacular friend!! Enjoy your wonderful autumn scored with that scarf and sweater!! My style all the way!!

  3. Jealous of your winter garden. we have been so neglectful of our gardens...
    Love that your daughter is getting into it - so good for the soul!

    Yeh agreeing on the washing. It just doesn't get QUITE dry at this time of year eh?! So difficult. Our lounge is always filled with racks and/or piles of washing waiting to be folded up. Wish I had a huge laundry!
    Love the fairy garden.


  4. I'm very reliant on the internet, especially for the news. I stopped watching the News on TV altogether as it was just SO depressing and dramatic but I do read it online and it's somehow not as bad this way. Your fairy garden is gorgeous! Enjoy your time with the Mr being home. I'm just stealing myself for the upcoming 4 days where I'll have the 5 Kidson my own while the Mr is away for work.....Mel x

  5. Love the shot of your daughter in the veg garden...but what exactly is poo pie??? doesn't sound very noice!!!

    1. I know so gross right. The joys of having boys ;-)

  6. I like the sound of your date night eating yummy food by the fire with you hubby, bliss. Your choice of cardigan are scarf are really pretty. I hope your weekend is a lovely one:) x

  7. How exciting.....veggie surprise! :) x

  8. Sounds like you've been busy! Love the idea of a date night at home - I wish he had some local relatives we could send the kids to! x

  9. You have been busy! Your home date night sounds very nice. A great idea.

    Yes, the washing is never ending here, too. But there is something satisfying about turning a huge pile of tangled clothes into neat folded piles

    Oh, and I like your scarf. Where did you find it?

  10. Ahhh … the simple things of life … *are* Life. Thanks for sharing yours with us.

  11. oi! did I miss this post?...your winter days looking a lot like mine. muddy clothes and bloody washing!!. poo pie ewww! that shot of a snoozing George. so comfy in dads arms! x


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