Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Water play

I'm feeling a bit beached out this week (I never thought this would be possible).  We have had a lot of sun and sand over the holidays but I was keen to head to the pool in town with the boys for a bit of water play.  No sand in my picnic lunch today please!

We went early to avoid the mid day heat and crowds and I was happy to see we had the entire toddler area to ourselves.  This worked well as Tom was a little unsure of the water slide.  After a lot of walking up and down along the side and hesitant dips of toes in the water he made his first attempt albeit half way down.  After that he was hooked!

George did his usual thing of pottering around, in and out of the water and then eventually joining in and following big brother Tom down the slide.

There was a lovely sea breeze blowing in and with lots of shelter from the sun and the fenced in area it made for an easy and relaxing morning.

Hope your week is a happy one!


  1. I loved going to the water park as a kid. It was such fun!
    It's pouring here today - just the kind of weather I like!

  2. That is so great that you had it all to yourselves! I know how those crowds are with my little beans!!! I am so happy you dropped by my blog! I about fell over when I read your profile! Living in the country by a vineyard sounds just perfect to me! I look forward to journeying along with you!!! Cheers! Nicole

  3. What fun! I have very clear memories of going to a waterpark in NZ when I was about three. There was a giant whale in the middle, and it was all kinds of awesome. I'm not sure there's anything much like that around me actually. I shall have to investigate. I'm sure the twinadoes would love it!

  4. The is SO opposite what we are experiencing at the moment! Looks like fun! :) x

  5. I love that elephant! Looks like a great safe water park :)

  6. Looks like fun. How nice to have the whole place to yourselves!

  7. Looks like a fun park. I would rather be at the beach than working full time! Poor me!

  8. Sometimes a change of scene is all that is needed. We've had a little too much beach action these holidays to, I think we need a trip to the pools.


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