Tuesday, 15 January 2013

A Pizza Night

We love a themed family dinner night.  Over the weekend we had a BBQ "Pit Masters" cook off where we had freshly caught fish, chicken, lamb and meatballs.  Mr H even went and bought a Webber BBQ so we could cook over charcoal instead of using our gas BBQ.  This was inspired by a TV series we had watched while away over Christmas, it was a lot of fun and a little competition is always good!

Tonight we had a pizza night.  You really can't beat pizza for a family night and it always seems to go down well with the younger family members.  My brother made the dough for the bases and I made the (secret) sauce.  We then had a variety of delicious toppings - margarita for the kiddies and vegetarian and seafood toppings for the adults.

We often have curry nights but are thinking of having a Mexican night next.

Do you do fun themed food nights? Any suggestions for future ones?


  1. What fun! That pizza looks great - it's a regular meal around our house too!


  2. I grew up with Sunday's being either a pizza or pancake night. It was the only time we were allowed to eat in the lounge thanks to the Walt Disney movies being on.
    I attended a 40th for a friend on Saturday night which was a pizza night..such a hit.
    Pizza is on fortnightly rotation in our house but I do love the idea of a themed food night.


  3. Oh yummo! That looks absolutely delicious. We love pizza here too, but don't actually make our own, some inspiration right here for us to start though! xo

  4. Oh now I'm sooo hungry I'll have to stop blogging for a while....
    D x

  5. I love pizza...and so do my kids. That looks so delicious.

    Nina x

  6. I love pizza nights! I think a food theme night is a great idea. Also thank you for your kind thoughts. Much appreciated!

  7. Yum! We often have Sunday pizza nights. The kids love Hawaiian pizza (with a few extra vegies thrown on)

  8. Yum Yum Bubblegum! I love a good pizza! Haven't had one in ages! You've just inspired me Elaina :) I love the idea of themed nights.I'm thinking you may have nachos up your sleeve next?

    Sophie xo


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