Tuesday, 22 January 2013


It is not very often this wee man is still...........

George is our adventurer, climber, escaper and runner.  Don't let those big brown eyes of his fool you.

I like to let him be as much as I can, he likes it that way.  He does not like to be crowded or fussed over.  He is however cuddly............when you can catch him.

While out for a walk today with Nana and cousins, George and I hung back while the others were off playing in the stream.  He took a shine to this bridge.  Standing on tip toes often to peek over the side.  Watching the running water............and me, to make sure I was still near by.

I think we will be back there again very soon.


  1. what wonderful images you have captured of your energetic young man! He seems quite content and no surprise you'll return to that spot. It looks beautiful x

  2. gorgeous... love his overalls. where are the after shots of him covered in creek mud tho? ;-) em

  3. There is something magical about standing on a wooden bridge and looking down into the water flowing underneath so I'm not surprised he was captivated! x

  4. George sounds very much like our Kaizer who is hard to pin down!

  5. What a cutie.. Great photos!
    Thanks for the comment on my blog, I hope to return to blogging and commenting some time soon..
    Magie x

  6. Cute! It's nice when they stop moving for a minute. I wonder what he was thinking about.


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