Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Back to school..........

Term 1 has started for us here.  

Today Bell started back at school and Tom back at kindergarten.  I was planning on getting up early but due to the night antics of George I ended up sleeping in!  Thankfully Bell did not start till mid morning and there was no rush to get Tom to kindy until around 9am.  Apart from the slightly later than planned start it was a fairly calm start to the day.

It was a quiet morning here at home with just George and I pottering around, tidying up after the long weekend.  The week will be an easy one and then from next week it is all on with Bell's after school activities starting and Tom taking on an extra kindy day.

Clothes were laid out the night before and Bell's uniform and stationery were sorted in advance as well as lunches, this always makes a huge difference to a busy week day morning.

I loved the summer holidays, it was a very Kiwi/laid back one but I'm now looking forward to getting back into a routine with the kids and hopefully sorting out George when it comes to his sleep (I feel like I need match sticks to keep my eyes open today).

Bell and Tom are now back home and despite initial butterflies and worries (and Tom insisting that he would cry when I left) they both returned happy and looking forward to the week ahead.

Do you have children starting back at school or kindergarten this week?  Are you all ready to go?

Do you have a school/kindergarten routine that helps you get out the door easily in the morning?


Happy Term 1 everyone!


  1. I'm so glad to hear that they were both excited about their day! I hear you on the sleep thing! My son who is 2 did not start sleeping through the night regularly until right before his second birthday! I hope that you sort it out so you can get some shut eye! Lovely pictures! Have a great week!!!

  2. Great to hear your two arrived home happy and positive about the school year ahead. Despite being a teacher, this all feels so new to me with Grace starting kindy this year (in WA it's a 5 day fortnight for 4 year olds). Our term starts next week so I'm eager to read what others have to say here about routines and tips for parents :)

  3. oh happy term 1 to you too! We all start on Thursday, my son at school and my daughter starts kinder orientation. I'm hoping for an organised starts to the term...fingers crossed it actually happens x

  4. We start next week and I will have 4 off to school this year as the twins start kindergarten which is equivalent to 5 days a fortnight. We're all pumped but I have no idea how I will manage getting them all ready in time while breastfeeding Flynn. Will see how we go. I know the boys will benefit from having their clothes laid out the night before - this will stop them asking me every second where their shoes, top, shorts etc are which happened with my son last year. So glad yours had a great day :-)

  5. My boy went back to grade 2 today and Liongirl starts kindy for the first time on Thurs. Lots of drama up here with cyclones and floods, we only just got power back this afternoon so lots of added excitement leading up to school starting! mel x

  6. School today, yay! It has been a long holiday and I think everyone is happy to get back to normal...! I thought we were very organised - had the clothes laid out last night, got to school early so I could take the annual 'return to school' pic... then arrived outside the classrooms to see kids walking around wearing school hats. The hats!!! I still don't know where they are... must have a good look later on or I will be back to buy some more...!

  7. Glad you're having a smooth start to your new school year!!! I always wonder how parents manage the morning routine - I know how hard it is for the TEACHERS!!! ;-)

  8. Back-to-school is always such an exciting time! I hope they have a wonderful year :)

  9. what a wonderful way to grow up. new zealand looks beautiful!




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