Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Retro sheets and lazy days

Some old sheets, pegs and a few chairs is all it took to keep these little ones entertained.  6 kiddies at our house today.

I love these retro sheets and have been using them a lot over summer for picnic blankets (easy to throw in the washing machine afterwards) and for making huts.

I needed to keep the kiddies entertained this morning.  I looked after my nieces along with my three today.  My sister was packing as she is leaving for Brisbane after her month long holiday here in NZ  (I'm really going to miss my baby sister and her wee girl) and I also had my brothers little girls here too - so it was a busy day.

Out came the sheets to make a hut and keep them entertained and out of the hot sun.  Morning tea and lunch were enjoyed under the blue flowers - I had almost the exact patterned wallpaper in my room growing up.

It's going to be a quite couple of weeks here until kindy, playcentre and school starts back.  We are going to have slow days as it has been a really busy month for us.

We don't have a lot planned.  The next day or so will be spent tidying, cleaning and sorting out the house. School stationery and uniforms for Bell need to be organised.  Gardens need to be weeded and planted.  My vege garden needs major attention.

I have a few recipes I'm keen to try out and test on my family.  There will be of course frequent trips to the beach and playgrounds - always a must.  Non negotiable really!

How is your January planning out?

Hoping your week is a good one!


  1. Oh this did make me smile. We also had a sheet cubby/tunnel/whatever took their fancy thing going on today also. It is so hot here and perfect weather for washing all the sheets... and the boys love it! I used to do the same thing as a child and we had those lovely retro sheets back then too.
    Gorgeous photos. Hope the rest of the holidays go smoothly and you get through the days without too much restlessness from the littlies xo

  2. I used to do this all the time with my brother and sister when we were little! Mum let us set up pop up tents all over the house and they would stay there for the longest of time :) Happy memories! It's sad to think January is half way through :( I love the slowness of January... I will miss it.

    Sophie xo

  3. Yes, when we were little we draped sheets over furniture to make tents and tunnels, it was great fun and kept us amused for hours! x

  4. Looks like the perfect way to entertain the little ones! :) x

  5. Oh its so lovely to see the sunshine where you are...happy days!
    daisy x

  6. Those retro sheets are a lovely fun colour for kids,sheets are pretty boring these days. (I had brown floral wallpaper and my sister had pink)

  7. these are photos are so beautiful ... thanks so much for your wonderful comment on my blog


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