Monday 15 April 2013

The little things

Snippets from our weekend................

He is not any easy chap to get off to sleep, but lately in the afternoon he heads off to the bedroom and climbs to the top of the bunks where he plays for a bit before drifting off to sleep.  If only it were always this easy.

Fail safe Tuna pasta.  A favourite in our house.  I make it a couple of times a week.  The kids always demolish it and usually ask for seconds.  Tomatoes, herbs, tinned tuna, capers, olives, herbs, salt and pepper.  Serve with elbow pasta (easy for little fingers) and grated cheese.
Loves his pasta! Say no more!

Winter fare (although it was a hot day....hurry up winter!) Sausages with tomatoes and chickpeas.

Mr H bought this home for me.  The most delicious custard square I have ever had............I waited till the kids were asleep so I did'nt have to share.

Feijoas galore.  Making sure none go to waste.  A mass pulping was required one afternoon.

The start of a Feijoa crumble.
The rest were bagged up and frozen for winter puddings.

Feijoa crumble served with cream.

We built Thomas the Tank engine tracks.

And read this Dinosaur book, over and over again.

Bell sorting out her sewing machine.  She's made bags, bunting and pillows but is keen to "break into fashion" - love it.

Washing galore - my line is never empty.  We had one of these old lines growing up.  Did you?  We used to hang and swing off it.  Compulsary for Kiwi kids I'm sure.  I KNOW I'm going to need a dryer come winter though.

We had family over for dinner Saturday night and even managed an early morning visit to the beach for icecream.

Have you entered the PaperVine giveaway?

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  1. feijoa? never even heard of them! you don't get those in redditch in rainy old blighty! love these especially sleeping boy in the first shot xxxxx

  2. Lovely things here. That first photo is brilliant! We make a similar pasta supper regularly in our house too - linguini with tomatoes, chilli, tuna, anchovies and black olives. I never thought of giving it to the kids but I think they might like it. They generally eat anything if it's pasta-related! x

  3. Your kids are ADORABLE! Pasta is such a good go-to meal! Loving the feijoas! One of the main things I miss about NZ! I had one at a party not long after I got to London, it couldn't go down fast enough! X

  4. The pasta looks delicious!!! And I was laughing when you said you saved your treat for when the kids went to sleep...I do the same thing!! My beans can smell anything dessert on my breath! Ha! My son would be sitting right there with your boys...he has such a love for trains! Have a lovely week!

  5. Ick. Fejoas. I will post mine to you if you like. ;) all over my backyard. My boys will never have a kind mum making anything with them as I hate them. One kid likes them. We still have a clothesline like that but the modern one made by brabatina which looks just the same.

  6. Major feijoa envy! We've eaten all ours now. I'm missing that delicious fragrance.

    rachel xo

  7. I havent eaten feijoa before but your crumble looks delicious.
    Your autumn cooking is making me hungry.

  8. Tuna pasta is the only "bowl dinner" the kids are allowed to eat away from the table here, they love it. Haven't tried a feijoa but that crumble looks so yum. We have the huge Hills Hoist like yours albeit a wonky one. How awesome your daughter is wanting to sew.

  9. What cute littles you have!!! :-)
    All those cooking photos have made me super-hungry!

  10. Yep, we had the Hills Hoist growing up and as the backyard was on a steep incline we used to run around and then '"take off' on the line hoping we would have enough momentum to make it the full distance around. Loved it! That first shot is brilliant! Mel x

  11. Lots of loveliness going on your way, I'm drooling at the sight of that custard square....

  12. Oh my gosh...look at all those feijoas!!! and feijoa crumble, oh my! Yuuuummmm! ...and that custard square! This post is tease for me and my very hungry tum right now!

  13. We had a hills hoist growing up and loved swinging on it. Sadly, we have no space for one in our backyard.
    I have to admit I am not a fan of feijoas. But I do love bagging up extra produce from the garden and saving for off-season consumption.

  14. I love seeing snippets of your daily life... that custard square looks amazing!! Your washing line looks like mine... I wish we had room somehow for a dryer because even though I prefer line drying everything, on those cold wintery days, draping clothes and towels over chairs in front of the heater to dry isn't fun at all :)

  15. These are all lovely snippets of your week, looks like lots of fun especially all of that yummy scrummy food:) You know I have never tried a feijoa before maybe I should pick some up at the organic shop and make that crumble:) xx

  16. Oh wow those feijoas!!!! I love them so much!
    Love your girl wanting to break into fashion. That's awesome.


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