Saturday, 31 August 2013



I must admit I'm finding it difficult to get photos of my three.  I don't always have my camera to hand.  The "portrait" photos are usually done over the weekend (last minute) although I tell myself EVERY week I will be more organised, take more photos when we are out and about.  Over winter most of the photos have been taken at home.

I consider my weekly photos as captures not portraits.  I don't photo shop my pics - they are simply as you see them.  I'm still not entirely sure of the settings on my camera either so when I get amazing light or colours it is usually a fluke!

If I participate in this next year I will do weekly captures of all 3 of my children together.  And learn to use my camera a little better.

Have you joined in the Portrait Project?  Have you kept up with it?  Are you finding it more difficult as the year goes on?

"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013."

Bell - I was trying to be sneaky - she knew I was there.  Here Bell is on the phone arranging a sleepover.
Tom - Coughs and colds - not feeling the best lately.
George - Little dude.........looking all grown up.

Very happy to be joining in with Jodi's "52 project".

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Gumboots, wellingtons and galoshes..........a red bands review

Click on the slide!

Gumboots, wellingtons, them what you will but come winter time gumboots are a sure staple in most households.
The Skellerup Red Band range will be found in most rural New Zealand homes.  After over 50 years of production the design hasn't changed apart from a comfy sponge insole being the only addition and they are still made by hand.

Bell and I were gifted a pair each from Skellerup a couple of months ago.  For me they have been the perfect winter boots for the outdoors.  They are completely water proof (hooray!), easy to slip into and the cool "knobby" thing at the heal of each boot that makes them easy to remove.
I wear them outside to walk our dog Maybell too.  The are a heavier boot than most so Maybell has been happy to leave them alone - so no searching for missing boots.
The range starts at toddler sizes right through to adult sizes.
They are more expensive than other gumboots on the market but in my opinion you get what you pay for.  The boys have cheap gumboots and they always leak.  I have been given a pile of red bands from some friends and am looking forward to putting the boys into them.  They last for ages and are perfect to hand down as they are so well made.
Skellerup Gumboots seem to be a staple at Saturday morning rugby.  I took my camera along one morning to take photos - even some of the referee's were wearing them!

So thank you Skellerup for providing us with our Red Bands..........we are converts!
So tell me - what are gumboots called in your part of the world?
Do you have a favourite pair/brand?


Tuesday, 27 August 2013

When I grow up I want to be.................

The other day Tom asked me what I want to be when I "growed up".
I love the way kids think.  I said I would like to be a Super Hero and we both laughed.  "You can't be a Super Hero.....your muscles are not big enough!'.
When I ask the same question he always comes back with the same answer........ a Fireman.  Never a Super Hero, train driver or racing car driver.  Things that he loves to play with and talk about on a daily basis.
Bell and I talk about the same subject.  For her it is either a teacher or dancer.  I tell her she will most likely change her mind a million times but to strive for what she wants and that it is ok to change your mind or take a different direction and most of all do what you want.
When I was growing up and obsessed with "The Sound of Music" I wanted to be a.........ahem......... a nun.  Then a teacher, super model, flight attendant, librarian and the list goes on.
My first job on leaving school was a dental assistant.  Not quite what I had in mind.  A series of other jobs followed well into my twenties.
I never had a set plan.  Did you?
What did you want to be when you grew up?
Have you taken a different direction or are you doing what you ALWAYS wanted to do?
Future All Black?
This photo was taken over the summer.  Batman top and cape over Pj' you do.

Monday, 26 August 2013

Waiting for this.........

Spring/Summer I am waiting for you!
We have had a really mild winter so far.  And I know in the coming month or so we will get cold days and rain but it really does feel that Spring is here already.
I've have enjoyed the comforts of home over the cold winter months, the hearty cooking and having the fire going but I seem to be looking out for signs of Spring very eagerly at the moment.
Although it is only August I'm already planning our Christmas holidays and have started my Christmas shopping (yeah I know).
Waiting for days where we return from the beach sun kissed, sandy and tired...........
I'm looking forward to returning our outdoor table and chairs onto the back lawn (which gets a little wet and boggy over winter) and enjoying eating our meals outside in the warm sun while lapping up the wonderful views.  Having family and friends over for bbq's and watching the kids tearing around outside till dark.
Soon I keep telling myself............soon.


Tuesday, 20 August 2013

BTB...........before the boys

5 years ago Mr H, Bell and I left the UK for a new life on the East Coast of NZ.  I had Tom growing in my belly and dreams of being a stay at home mum.  After Tom came George.  Our family is now complete.

BTB - before the boys.  I see my life as two different chapters so far.

I look back and think about how far I have come.  I had Bell in my early twenties.  I worked full time from early on in her wee life.  I married Bell's dad and owned a gift and homeware store in Auckland and travelled a lot overseas (with and without Bell) our life was full and busy.

Then when I sold the business we ventured overseas for more travel before settling in London to live and work.  The marriage did not last but my love for that city has never faltered.  I met life long friends and had an amazing job where I travelled around Europe organising training events for a large corporate.  Dream job, dream life.

Then I met Mr H (an Englishman) and with that a longing to return to NZ and have more children.  So we did just that.  I just didn't have the career drive anymore.  I wanted out and a different way of life.

When (if???) I eventually return to work it will be for social interaction and of course the pay cheque.  I won't be wanting to "climb that corporate ladder".  I just have different priorities now.  The possibility of returning to work is a while off now but it has got me thinking as friends/mums make that step back into the workforce.

So tell me:

How has your life changed since having children?
Have you returned to work or plan to?
Will you be choosing a different career path altogether?
I would love for you to share your story.............. xo

Sunday, 18 August 2013




"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013."

Bell - Ticking off the checklist.  A school trip to the snow.  Nervous and excited all at once.
Tom - Connect Four - Sunday afternoon games.  I find the yellow and red discs in all sorts of places for days afterwards.
George - Sunday afternoon.......a little tired after the weekends activities.  In this case he is rolling through our game of Connect Four.

Very happy to be joining in with Jodi's "52 project".

Friday, 16 August 2013

Kids live here

 A few weeks ago Jen from One Jen day wrote a great post about a group project called Kids were here.  She took photos of her surroundings that involve being a mum to gorgeous twin boys.
She used the words "messy, imperfect, misplaced chaos".  That sums it up perfectly to me - a life and household with children in it.
 If you were to visit our house, you would know that there are children about.  From the tyre swing as you pull in the drive to the bikes and toys scattered about the garden.
I wandered around the house and garden today taking snapshots of what sums up our home life with children present.  In particular two little boys that albeit small they have a very strong presence.  Bell on the other hand is not so focal.  She ferrets all her treasures away in her room, away from the gaze and small hands of her brothers.
I spend huge amounts of my time tidying up.  Some days in feels continuous.  I always try to tidy everything away by the end of the day.  Bikes and outdoor toys under the eaves of the house, bedrooms tidy so it can all be "undone" the next day.
Kids most definitely live here!


Happy weekending!

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Good things

Can you believe it?!  Blossoms in August!  There are also baby lambs across the road too.  The blossoms seem early this year.

The fairy garden has faired well over winter.  It is all nicely overgrown now.  The mushrooms are in there somewhere.

A childhood favourite.  Vegemite and salt n vinegar chip (crisp) sandwich.   I love them every now and then for lunch.  It has to be served on fresh white bread.  And you squish it down to crunch all the chips up.

My laptop has been slowly dying.  Last week it finally gave up after about six of the keys stopped working and I sucked a further two up the vacuum cleaner after thinking there must be dust trapped.  A laptop was not in the budget so we settled for a Samsung Tablet.  I'm loving it, and am getting used to the new functions.  The kids are eyeing it up something rotten though!

I won this Weebits chunky knit hat on Jen's blog.  I'm gifting it to my sister who is pregnant.  I picked the bigger size so baby can wear it next winter.  Great colour huh?

I had a credit on Paypal so bought a couple things just for me.......not the kids, for a change.
Say no more!  I've been wanting this Crown Lynn handbook since it came out. 

Can't wait to get stuck into this.  As you know I love a retro caravan.  And fellow blogger Kate Ulman has just released this beauty.

Some washi tape.............

Very cool packaging..........

My final treat was this necklace from Christina Lowry Designs.  I couldn't decide on a colour combination and then went with the all black combo.  Love it!  I know I will wear this ALOT.
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