Thursday, 29 August 2013

Gumboots, wellingtons and galoshes..........a red bands review

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Gumboots, wellingtons, them what you will but come winter time gumboots are a sure staple in most households.
The Skellerup Red Band range will be found in most rural New Zealand homes.  After over 50 years of production the design hasn't changed apart from a comfy sponge insole being the only addition and they are still made by hand.

Bell and I were gifted a pair each from Skellerup a couple of months ago.  For me they have been the perfect winter boots for the outdoors.  They are completely water proof (hooray!), easy to slip into and the cool "knobby" thing at the heal of each boot that makes them easy to remove.
I wear them outside to walk our dog Maybell too.  The are a heavier boot than most so Maybell has been happy to leave them alone - so no searching for missing boots.
The range starts at toddler sizes right through to adult sizes.
They are more expensive than other gumboots on the market but in my opinion you get what you pay for.  The boys have cheap gumboots and they always leak.  I have been given a pile of red bands from some friends and am looking forward to putting the boys into them.  They last for ages and are perfect to hand down as they are so well made.
Skellerup Gumboots seem to be a staple at Saturday morning rugby.  I took my camera along one morning to take photos - even some of the referee's were wearing them!

So thank you Skellerup for providing us with our Red Bands..........we are converts!
So tell me - what are gumboots called in your part of the world?
Do you have a favourite pair/brand?



  1. I just bought my first ever pair of red bands this winter! Love them too. I did nearly die at the price but decided they are a NZ icon (although I think they are made n China now to NZ specifications...) and I wanted a pair of them! I have real NZ calves too - lots of muscle :) - and found that no other gumboot fitted my legs anyway! (problem with normal boots too hence I buy from Duo Boots in the UK). A great investment!

  2. I've never really owned gumboots. Brisbane isn't usually wet for long enough to bother with them, nor is there enough mud to warrant them. Though when we holidayed at a farm stay my Mum gave me a pair of her old gumboots - vintage tartan - and they were perfect. I can see why you would need them though and totally agree, you do get what you pay for when it comes to shoes. :)

  3. Well they are gumboots at our house! The kids all have colourful pairs but the one that lasted the distance for all 3 were the redbands! Desperately need some for me but... haven't gotten there yet!

  4. I say "wellies". In Germany, they're called "gummistiefel" (which I think is a cute word). :-)


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