Saturday, 30 May 2015

I'll be as quick as I can!

This afternoon on a drive through town I made an unscheduled stop.  I was on my way to the beach to drop Bell off at a sleepover.  There is an Op Shop I often drive by but never seem to stop at.  I pulled over and said to Bell "I will be as quick as I can", to which she replied "Why mum, you don't need anymore Crown Lynn"!  Little did she know, but I had Pyrex on my mind.

I wandered around and found 3 pieces.  THREE!  Was not expecting that.  So here they are.  A yellow snowflake divided dish ($8), a medium sized Carnaby casserole dish ($5) and my favourite one, the blue patterned (unsure of the name) oval dish ($4).

I hurried back to the car with my box of treasures, to Bell and her eye rolling.  Ha!

It's also a long weekend, and this Autumn weather at the moment is beautiful.  Happy Days.

Happy Treasure Hunting.  xo

Sunday, 17 May 2015


We have been in hibernation mode this weekend.  It has been cold!  We stayed indoors for most of it.  The novelty of the change of season is still here.  No climbing of walls or cabin fever ....... yet.


This weekend has been all about...................
Pikelets and cups of tea for lunch
Homemade vegetable soup
Weekend papers
Keeping warm - roaring fires and heaters on in the bedrooms
Toys everywhere, from one end of the house to the other
Winter jackets
Exploring faraway places from the comfort of our couch
Cold drizzly days
Autumn leaves
and unmade beds.

Friday, 8 May 2015

Still here



This has been my longest break from blogging since I started, it wasn't intentional.  I guess life just gets in the way sometimes.  My camera hasn't been to hand, as much and when  it has been I have just wanted to take in every moment as it unfolds in front of me instead of witnessing it behind the lens.
But I miss this space when I am not here and the wonderful blogs I follow.
So I'm creeping back in, and am hoping you are still here.  How are you by the way?  Autumn is unfolding in our neck of the woods and it is beautiful.  How are things in your patch?
Elaina xo
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