Sunday, 17 May 2015


We have been in hibernation mode this weekend.  It has been cold!  We stayed indoors for most of it.  The novelty of the change of season is still here.  No climbing of walls or cabin fever ....... yet.


This weekend has been all about...................
Pikelets and cups of tea for lunch
Homemade vegetable soup
Weekend papers
Keeping warm - roaring fires and heaters on in the bedrooms
Toys everywhere, from one end of the house to the other
Winter jackets
Exploring faraway places from the comfort of our couch
Cold drizzly days
Autumn leaves
and unmade beds.


  1. Those pikelets look delicious, haven't had them in years, used to smother them in golden syrup as a kid. Your Autumn leaves also look amazing, lovely snaps :)

  2. Your pikelets look very inviting! I love mine most with maple syrup and a dollop of yogurt. We have similar weather but it is supposed to be spring! x

  3. I so love days like this! When summer is over I will be so excited to hibernate again! Your home looks so cozy buddy! And your yummy meals look wonderful! Wishing you many warm and memorable moments with your family in the days to come!! Nicole xo

  4. Looks like the perfect home weekend. Hope the week goes well xx

  5. Looks like a cosy happy weekend! X

  6. Those passports look pretty cool!


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