Wednesday, 21 January 2015

The Travelling Linen Stash has returned!




Look what landed on my doorstep last week................The Travelling Linen Stash!
I sent the Travelling Linen Stash off on it's New Zealand Tour in October 2013.  1 year and 3 months later it has found it's way back.
Jam packed with all sorts of goodies - tea towels, table cloths, doilies, pillowcases, aprons, napkins tea cosies and even some pieces of retro and vintage fabrics.

The plan is to send it off to Australia next.  I will be in touch with those who signed up to make sure your addresses are still correct (a lot can happen in 1 year and 3 months) and make sure you still wish to participate.  To keep postage low I may look at sending off a couple of smaller packages - would be keen to know your thoughts on this or if you have an alternative idea.

I looking forward to having a good sort through.  Some of the stash will make it's way into my linen stash (I love the tea cosies) and the rest will be wash, pressed and sent on it's merry way.

If you are in Australia and wish to sign up, drop me an email with your address details to:
 alittlebitcountrynz (at) gmail (dot) com
Here are a few things to keep in mind:
*I will put my stash of linen that I am keen to swap into a travelling box and post it off to the first name on the list.
*For every item you remove from the box you will need to replace it with something.
*All items need to be clean.  And of course stain and hole free.  As with a lot of retro and vintage items there are sometimes age spots etc.  Some people don't mind this.  Just make sure you pin a note to your item so future swappers are aware.
*You need to be happy about paying the outgoing postage to the next person.  I will compile the recipient list so the next person to receive the Stash is as near to you as possible.
If everyone is still happy to go ahead - The Travelling Linen Stash will once again be on it's way!
Thank you to all the lovely ladies who participated in this swap - I hope you found some great vintage and retro linen to treasure.  xo


  1. You've some lovely linens there.....pity the uk postal charges are so high, I'd do this myself! :) xxx

  2. Elaina I love this idea! I saw the Travelling Linen Stash badge on your sidebar when I started reading your blog, but I didn't know what it was. Thank you for explaining it. I wish it was in UK, I love the thought of rummaging about in that box! X

  3. wow - how cool I finally came back. I love the couple of things I swapped. Tea cosie envy there but maybe that is something I could knit with all my odd wool!

  4. Such a wonderful idea pal!!! And such a gorgeous collection!! I hope your week has been treating you and the crew well!! Nicole xo

  5. What fabulous things have been travelling around! I hope that it has fun in Australia and comes back containing all sorts of other goodies as well! xx

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  7. Can you add something that is crocheted? and does it have to be vintage linen? :)

    1. Hello! That should be fine - when the box came back to me there were knitted tea cosies, which have turned out to be my favourite items.

  8. I love this idea. I'm in Australia and would be happy to sign up. Do you have an approximate idea of postage costs for forwarding the stash on?

  9. I will check with the post office and let you know xo


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