Sunday, 4 January 2015

A vineyard lunch

Oh dear, my New Year "detox" isn't going to well.  We found ourselves at a local winery this afternoon for lunch.  My sister and her family head back to Brisbane tomorrow so we decided to head out for a farewell lunch.

We drank chilled wines and ate platters of cheeses, meats and smoked salmon, served with piles of delicious bread and crackers.  All the tables were set up under a huge fig tree and there was live music playing too.  Cricket and Petanque was on site too if you fancied it.

The sun was warm, the wine flowed as did the laughter too.  It was a really good way to spend a Summers afternoon.

I'm really going to miss my sister and hopefully it won't be long before we see each other again.
How have you spent your Sunday?


  1. Looks like the type of place I love. - the food looks fab! Now in Whakatane after a fab day with cousins in Tauranga - really enjoyed the waterfront at the Mount this afternoon with free giant board games and soccer zorbing.

  2. What a lovely way to spend time with your family. It looks so beautiful. Plenty of time to detox when you are back in your usual routine ( that's my theory anyway....) x

  3. My sister went back to Brisbane last week. I know how much you will miss yours. So lucky that NZ has turned on the weather for them too - it is stinking hot over there apparently. Lovely looking lunch.

  4. What a wonderful platter of food and a great way to spend a Sunday with family! The detox can start when your visitors have gone! xx

  5. Looks and sounds bliss! You only get to hang out with special people occasionally - make the most of it I say! We spent the afternoon at the beach on a playground and having icecream - bliss x

  6. Looks like a heavenly day out friend! Good food, good folks, and music?!?!? Forget the detox...this is a grand way to spend a Sunday! Glad you have created new memories! Happy week ahead you!!! Nicole xoxo


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