Sunday, 18 January 2015

Summer Sunday

A peek at our Sunday...........
Left overs for Sunday brunch - spaghetti Bolognese on day old ciabatta, smothered with cheese. 
Potato hash with roughly chopped bacon.  The eggs are from our chooks - look how yellow they are!
Vegetable garden weeded and tidied.  The unruly tomatoes have been tamed, pruned and staked up high. 
Lots of sweet tomatoes are now able to soak up the sun and my celery can now see the light of day after being completely covered in sprawling tomato vines.
Courgettes in the making.
Love the sight of wet towels hanging on the line.  It screams summer time.  We have been swimming every day to beat the summer heat.
Mr H has strung up an awing over the BBQ area, I've hung up lanterns and potted up plants.  We BBQ most nights at the moment for dinner.  Mr H cooks the meat and I throw together a salad.  Easy!
No need to buy a sun umbrella for the table when this beautiful tree provides our shade.  The perfect place to sit and eat ice blocks............lots and lots of ice blocks.
I had a girls night out Friday and a family BBQ late Saturday afternoon so a chilled out Sunday was delicious.  And yes the kids played up a bit, there was the odd push and plenty of shoving going on.  Just the usual shenanigans!  But it was a good day all the same (I find that the threat of no swimming works a treat!)
Hope your weekend has been a good one?
Hot or cold where you are?


  1. Your Sunday brunch has my mouth watering. Don't you love getting two meals out of one.
    Looks like you'll be harvesting plenty of tomatoes soon.
    Have you heard the little garden tip of placing a piece of pipe over the young celery. it's meant to help them grow tall and keep the stems tender by excluding the sun from hitting them.
    Have a lovely week.

  2. Absolutely freezing......thick frost, you're post has warmed me up no end! :) xxx

  3. Ohhhh, this all sounds so blissful! If I put towels on our washing line justnow they'd be thick with frost! Gorgeous summer days for you, how lovely! X

  4. Spaghetti Bolognese on ciabatta, how wonderful! I must make this one day. I am soaking up your summer photo happiness and feel the warmth. Lovely. x

  5. Your garden looks great. It's so nice to see vegetables growing on your side of the world when it's cold and brown over here.

  6. What a wonderful weekend!! Glad you had such a great time. xx

  7. Lovely weekend. Potato hash - yum! must say at the moment I usually have no idea of day - def date as counting down to uni exam! - husband just gone back to work, so week days and weekends won't just seem to be the same here. 2 more sleeps till first school starts!

  8. Steamy hot here. Lots of beach and pool time. Love your cheery bbq area. Enjoy x


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