Friday, 30 January 2015

And off we go........this week


Our Summer Holidays have come to an end this week, that blissful bubble has burst!  George has been at kindy for a couple of weeks now, but Bell and Tom started back at school during the week.  Both were excited to be heading back.  It has really been only me that has been dragging my feet.
My nieces stayed with us at the beginning of the week - we loved having them here.  There has been uniform buying for Bell (they grow so much over the summer break) and school stationery purchases - always a favourite back to school task. 
The rain has decided to come back by the bucket load.  It has been a really dry summer.  Our water tank and gardens are thankful as are the farmers and grape growers round here I'm sure.  It always amazes me how the rain times itself for the school run!
I've been baking for school lunches and roasted a chicken the night before school and stripped it down for wraps and sandwiches.  I will continue to do this as one chicken makes the kids and adult lunches over a couple of days, the carcass is put in the freezer for future stock making.
I had a meeting at my new job, yes a new job!  I applied and accepted the position in December.  My previous job just wasn't working out, the hours were all over the place.  They wanted to extend my hours/days and I was working school holidays which was not meant to happen.  My new role is in a school (Visual Resources) and it is Term Time Only - the holy grail in my opinion.  That is why I have had a seven week Summer Holiday.  To have a part time job that allows me to have the school holidays off to spend with the kids works so much better for us as a family.
After Tom's first day back at school he had a Birthday Party to go to - at the Pools - the weather held together but consequently he is so tired today.  As I type I can hear him snoring as George bounces around in bed...........some things never change.
Mr H and I managed a Date night this week too - woohoo.  Just a quiet dinner at a local restaurant.  Good food and wine - I want to go back with my camera as they have the most incredible kitchen garden on site.
I think our weekend will be a fairly quiet one.  Planning a girls morning in town with Bell tomorrow before she heads off for a sleepover.  I have vegetables in my garden that need harvesting.  And some more baking for the tins and school lunches will need to be done.
So that's been my week - Term 1 is all go.  I find the School Term routine always works well for the kids, although it was a shock to the system to be up, organised and out of the house in time.  I know I will be hanging out for the first round of school holidays.
Have a great weekend - what are you up too?
How has January treated you?
What do your children like in their school lunches?


  1. Oh wow, could you please make my lunches??? I am terribly lazy, mine all eat at caffeteria. The little ones are free. I am very pleased that you have a part time term only job. I am dreaming of one such job. Have a lovely weekend. We have no big plans. The biggest is leaving for a ski trip in Italy, it will be strange without the teenager moping around. x

  2. I love the look of your home made lunches. My youngest takes a packed lunch to school and has the same thing every day, at his own request. A tuna and sweetcorn baguette. My oldest boy prefers the school cafeteria. Congratulations on your new job, great to get a job that fits in so well with school times X

  3. You are so organised!!! I always hate when the summer holidays end. Our lunches are a combination of fresh fruit, chopped carrots and various carbs like ham and cheese croissants or chicken and mayo wraps, the boys' school allows treats on Friday, they love finding biscuits or little cakes in their lunch boxes those days :-)

  4. It sounds like you've had a good summer. Congratulations on your new job, I think it will work really well for you and your family. My kids usually eat their lunch at home because they only go to school for the morning and have homeschool in the afternoons, but when they do take lunch to school I usually give them cream cheese and jam sandwiches or butter and jam (peanut butter is forbidden because of classroom allergies), fruit, yogurt and cheese.

  5. Congratulations on your new job, perfect for a mum. My daughter started high school this week, suddenly she looks grown up, and my son starts intermediate on Monday coming. I have been making muffins to freeze as special lunch treats, but usually they make their own lunches the night before school.
    Have a great weekend - just started raining here - yay, my garden so needs it.

  6. We are off away on holiday tomorrow - eight weeks of school holidays has been rather long - especially with one child in a moon boot !! !!
    Your muffins have inspired me for our camping lunches .. .. .. good thinking

  7. Congratulations on your new job, it sounds ideal Your night out sounds lovely too. If we ever manage to get over to New Zealand again, I'll have to hit you up for great places to eat!

  8. You are so ready and rocking buddy! Love all the kitchen makes up there! And YAY on the new job!!!! What a dream to have your dates line up with the kids schedule...a dream in my book for sure!!! Life is good and yes if you go back to that restaurant.....share that garden with us! Happy weekend and have fun with Bell tomorrow! Nicole xo

  9. Congratulations on your new job, I certainly enjoy my school job with all the holidays! Tuesday will be our first "all back at school/work" day! I'm looking forward to it and dreading it in equal doses at the moment!

  10. All the best for the new job! I've been at school for most of last week - few teachers turned up on Friday which annoyed me ever so slightly, while the minions worked....I feel exhausted already! 400 new books on line already :) students in tomorrow. Loving the chicken wraps for lunches!

  11. Congratulations on your new job! I hope that it goes really well and that you love it! xx


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