Sunday, 1 February 2015

Today.....just a bit of this and that


Roses from Mr H - two bunches - pink and cream - the others are in a jar on the dining room table.
Devouring books - two this month, one I had started sometime last year but never finished.
I love reading cook books in bed at night.
And channelling my inner crochet goddess....I know she is in there!
Lunch box treats - making prune and coconut balls - 500g of prunes in the food processor, roll in coconut, set and store in the fridge.  George loves these.
I tried Kimberley's Chocolate Weetbix Slice - with sprinkles.  Delicious.  The kids enjoyed this for afternoon tea - the rest has been hidden away in the baking tins, sliced and ready to go into lunch boxes tomorrow.
Pottering about in the garden today - the fairy garden is looks sweet with the "Lorax Trufulla Trees" sprouting.
Lots of washing folded....and put away - my least favourite task.
Harvesting in the vegetable garden.  I'm Googling Zucchini Fritters.  Any suggestions?
A walk round the waterfront this morning and a swim followed by homemade fish tacos for lunch.  Early night for me tonight.  Feeling zonked!
Have a great week! xo


  1. Busy and productive! Love your photographs Elaina, esp your baking, it looks delicious. I love prunes, but would never have thought to make them into little bites like that, a great idea, thank you X

  2. Try Pinterest, I've found some fab recipes :) xxx

  3. Busy but fun life pictures. Except maybe the laundry, hah. Love the fairy garden.

  4. I have The Luminairies, We are all completely beside ourselves, Barracuda, Eyrie, And the Mountains echoed, Maori Boy, Goldfinch, Kristin Hersh, new Joy Cowley, Lost and Found, Pandora Jones, new Michael Morpurgo ,Burial Rites all piled up to read.... told myself I was gong to buy more books this year, but hmmmmm. Need to read this pile! I've folded up a week's worth of laundry tonight. Love your garden and the slice came out fabulous! Need to bake another lot. have a great week.

  5. The fairy garden looks fabulous doesn't it!! Hope you find your inner crochet goddess!! xx

  6. I hate putting clothes away! Least favourite task. I need to get on to some baking... will give the Weetbix slice a try :)

  7. No wonder you feel zonked, look at that perfect laundry pile! So many good things in your photos, the books, flowers, cake. The prune and coconut balls sound tasty. x


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