Monday, 20 October 2014

Weekend kitchen



I much prefer cooking in the weekend, when time can be taken and cupboards emptied to rustle something delicious up.

I love baking on a slow Sunday.  To fill the tins for the week ahead.  This Sunday it was a sultana and apple shortcake.

Pasta is always featured somewhere.  Big, hearty lunches followed later by quick and easy dinners - omelettes, toasted sandwiches or homemade pizza topped with leftover Ragu sauce and grated cheese.

Saturday evening Mr H and I often get a takeaway after the kids have gone to bed.  We feed them early in the hope of a "timely"  bed time.

I often end up at the supermarket on a Sunday afternoon to top up with supplies for school lunches.  To stock up on bread, apples and bananas - of which we seem to go through huge amounts of.

With the weather warming up plates of vegetables will feature more salad.  The stove top swapped for the BBQ.  The crockpot has now gone into hibernation.

I love a weekend kitchen.

What does your weekend menu feature?  Creatures of habit?  Homemade, takeaway or a bit of both?
What's your favourite weekend meal?


  1. Our weekend cooking is very similar to yours. Something quick on Friday, because our son has a guitar lesson in the early evening. This past week was heat-and-eat pulled pork on buns with tater tots. Saturdays we eat alone after the kids are in bed too. Occasionally we have takeout, but usually it's something quick I can make for us, like pasta or big salads with grilled chicken, or pizza (we make one for the kids earlier). Sunday is usually a roasted meat, like a chicken or a pork loin this week. I bake most weekends too!

  2. I laughed about the crock pot going into hibernation, ours is just waking up!! I totally agree that is much nice to spend time cooking at the weekend when you can take your time and not be rushing or thinking that you have to get something ready as quickly as possible, so I can understand why you like your Sunday baking! xx

  3. Oh my goodness that apple and sultana shortcake looks delicious!!

  4. Usually we make everything from scratch but when we're as busy as we have been recently, we occasionally sneak in a pizza. That shortcake looks amazing, by the way xxx


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