Saturday, 4 October 2014

Good things

The rain came then then sun showed up........along with the wind.  But that's all good, massive amounts of washing done and dried in just a few hours.  A bit of a novelty after the winter months.

And when the sun comes out, so do the jandals (flip flops).  Bought myself a new pair - I live in these over summer.

Toes done, check!  And my sister talked me into getting a Shellac manicure - I haven't had a manicure in years.  I'm a nail biter, and tend to garden without gloves so it has never been something I bothered with.  But I'm hooked, no chipped nail polish and I've stopped chewing on them.  (Penny - love how you spotted them in my review).  Feeling a bit fancy!


Try not to look too closely at the photo above - there is a lot of butter in these vegemite scrolls.  I never got to sample these ones.  I packed Tom off with a tin full when he went to a friends house to play.  I had a few sitting on the bench, ready to have with a cup of tea.  The phone rang, and when I came back they were gone!

Clams for dinner.  Delicious.

A lovely treat in the post from Kimberley of Creative Chaos.  Kimberley sends Lego magazines and posters for Tom which he pours over for hours.  And tucked inside was this beautiful wash cloth.

Thank you so much Kimberley - you are always spoiling us xo

School holiday mess.  It's a give in.  It's easily dealt to - I'm a bit Sargent Major when it comes to mess -  I have a "place for everything" (this really does work) so it is easily tidied away when the time comes.  I love seeing the boys engrossed in books with them scattered around them.

Gave the boys room another going over.  I emptied out the wardrobe and re-organised it.

I'm a fan of plastic boxes.  They aren't terribly pretty but they are so practical.  I like to be able to see what's in them.  And they are easy for the boys to take out (buy the medium sized ones) and carry to the lounge or where ever they want to set up.  It makes for a quick and easy tidy up too.

Eggs!  21 eggs each week........any good egg recipes you want to share?!

This handsome little chap is my nephew.  He took a huge liking to our dog Maybell.  Maybell is great with children and has the patience of a saint.  I have spent the last ten days with my sister and my niece and nephew who were visiting from Brisbane.  We had such a great time.  I loved spending time with my sister.  So pleased they are coming back for Christmas.  He started walking while he was here too.  Wobbly little steps.  Am in love with this little guy.

Discovered "Day of the Taco" a pop up restaurant.  Open on a Friday night.  Mr H and I went last week.  Frozen Margarita's and a Set menu.  Food was delicious and so filling - I couldn't eat all mine - Starter, main and dessert. All for $25.  I invited a group of friends for dinner there last night.  A lady's night that we plan on repeating very soon.

One more week of the school holidays to go.  I've been keeping everyone busy with play dates and fresh air.  I enjoy the school holidays, I love the break from kindy/school runs and after school activities.  Can't believe we will be heading into the final term for the year.

Have a great weekend where you are!


  1. Great photo's as always Elaina, loving the polished toe nails! I love the shellac polishes too, which is probably why I noticed them in your other post. I do eventually get impatient with it and start peeling it off, which wrecks your nails, but I know I shouldn't do that........

  2. How generous is Kimberley. The wash cloth is beautiful.
    Our egg compartment in the fridge is overflowing too. If you have lemons on hand then this recipe for lemon curd is 'eat straight from the jar with a spoon' delicious.

  3. Would you believe i have knitted 9 (!!) more dishcloths since Wednesday.... :) I am trying to memorise study notes (whole mock essays) and knit while i do it... well a lot of knitting going on but i'm not sure there is much in my head! Glad you like yours. Sort outs of bedrooms are the best - one down so far in this house these hols. School will do well. :) Sideways rain and strong winds here today and freeeeezing.

  4. I can't seem to get through our eggs fast enough. I wish more people were interested in having some. It's surprisingly hard to unload fresh eggs around here. I use plastic tubs for everything. At least yours are in the closet - some of mine are stacked in full view! :)

  5. I had the gel nails once and loved them. Getting the polish off wasn't good. Love your dog and little nephew. My granddaughter's name is Mabel.

  6. Have been meaning to make your vegemite scrolls for ages and finally baked them for lunch today ( They were scoffed by my boys! Also, LOVE your Shellac nails - such a happy, spring colour! Don't be tempted to pick it off, if you're not going back to the salon for another appointment. You can remove it easily at home - just google instructions.

  7. I noticed your nails in your review post too! So funny someone else did too!!! And I am so glad that you had such a wonderful time with your sister and her kids! How wonderful that they will be back for Christmas! Her little one is such a cutie!!! My house looks like that all the time and I agree with you on the clear bins for toys and for the kitchen...if we don't know what's in it we don't use it as much. Glad the season is turning over and flip flops are out!! I will be living vicariously through you when our bitter temps hit! Happy days to you friend! Nicole xo

  8. VERY soon! Can't wait to get our chickens so I can have too many eggs to know what to do with, will have to come to you for advice ;)

  9. Wonderful good things! I hope that you had a great weekend with more good things and that the week ahead will bring another whole load of lovely your way. xx

  10. Gosh what a relaxed holiday-feeling post! Lovely sun, and play and going's out! Love organised stuff! And I dont mind a mess knowing it will all be put away tidily either! Enjoy your second week of hols xx


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