Monday, 29 September 2014

Muddy Mouse review

I was really pleased when Manon from Muddy Mouse contacted me to see if I would like to try her Iron-on patches.  Anyone with children, and I think in particular boys, will know all about the "knees situation" which seems to occur.  Boys like to skid and slide onto their knees and their poor clothing takes a punishing.  Manon has three boys so she is an expert!

Tom's favourite jeans have the tell tale sign of skidding and sliding so they were to be our first item of clothing to try the patches out on.

We were sent a selection of patches to try.  My favourites would have to be the two sausage dog patches..........very cute.  Thank you Manon, we love them!

For Tom's jeans he chose the shark and alien patches.  These are VERY easy to apply (instructions below) - I  also love that the patches are eco-friendly, and that my boys clothing will be able to be passed on and used wastage and money well spent.

Muddy Mouse Patches - REPAIR AND/OR ENHANCE.
We will be putting aside a couple of patches for future repairs (of which I know there will be many) and the others we will be using on other items of clothing just for fun!

Click through to the Muddy Mouse website to see the entire range of patches - not are they eco-friendly but they are really affordable with prices starting at (Canadian) $3.75 - you can order online and WORLDWIDE SHIPPING is available.  The website is also super easy to navigate with lots of useful information about Muddy Mouse and their patches.


Please follow the instructions below closely for best results.
  1. Place the garment flat on a hard, flat surface, preferably an ironing board.
  2. Put your iron on 2 or 3 points. Start with position **. You can always put your iron on high later. Do NOT use the steam function.
  3. Put the patch with the backside on the garment, image facing up, in the right position. Always place it on a flat surface. Never over a button, zipper or other thickened part in the fabric.
  4.  Place a standard, clean, white sheet of paper or thin cotton cloth over the patch to protect your garment, the iron and the patch.
  5. Firmly press on the patch for 60 seconds on both sides, gently moving the iron and using intervals, taking care not to burn the patch or garment.
  6. Let it cool down. If the patch does not stick the first time, increase the temperature of the iron and repeat steps 4 and 5.
Click on the link here for FAQ's and the do's and don'ts for your Muddy Mouse patches.

Muddy Mouse is an online shop with 100% hip and cool clothes iron-ons, that are parent, wallet and eco friendly.
The patches are designed and tested by the best product test team in the world (see who are we?), and are confident in claiming a high quality standard. And the environment gets something too, for the clothes (that you bought with your hard-earned cash) will go a lot further should your child have managed to get a hole in them, resulting in much less waste, and our patches are made with eco-friendly materials only.

Muddy Mouse was established in 2013.


  1. Oh my goodness, I remember knee patches when I was a child, I had twin brothers so they were necessary! I had Tweetie pie and Sylvester patches and I loved them!! (it was a yellow bird and black and white cat cartoon, very funny very Tom and Jerry style). Love those patches, I think my jeans might just need a space rocket or an are never too old for great style :P

  2. Fun patches, and love your nail colour too Elaina! X

  3. Ah this is so cool!!! There are such awesome things out there these days for kids! I would love some of these for my little man! He would be over the moon for those designs! Thanks for sharing friend and have a lovely week! Nicole xo

  4. these look way cool! love them and so clever!

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