Saturday, 20 September 2014



We woke early this morning to blue skies and whistling wind.  I'm on breakfast duties Saturday morning, so Mr H gets tea and toast in bed - my turn on Sunday!

We headed out early, first stop was the farmers market then the supermarket, farmlands for chicken pellets and then the botanic gardens to give the kids a run around.

Mr H and I voted........election day here in N.Z.

Then a short drive out to the beach to deliver Bell for a sleepover, and a pit stop with the boys for ice cream before heading home.

The afternoon was spent at home, pottering, reading, 4 loads of washing done and an early dinner and movie for the boys.  Early to bed for them tonight.  Gin and tonics and a movie for us bigger kids.

I haven't checked but I'm really hoping this weather sticks around for tomorrow as I have some gardening time planned.

This week will be the last week of school here before the school holidays start and my sister arrives on Tuesday from Brisbane.  Glad this weekend is a quiet one as next week will be busy.

Summer, I can feel that you are just around the corner and I can't wait!
Enjoy your weekend wherever you are!


  1. I love all of these beautiful stills from your home! Everything that you and the fam have been up to is just fantastic! And how wonderful that your sister is coming!!! I see so much beauty in your garden friend!!! Oh my!!! Don't you just love those quiet nights with the Mr??? I cherish those moments as we don't get them that often! Wishing you a slow and sweet weekend! Nicole xo

  2. Oh my, the light in your photos is beautiful! I've just woken up to a grey Autumn Saturday here in England so I felt a little topsy turvy reading you post, but it wonderful to hear about a day in the sun! I hope the weather contines for you and you manage to get your gardening done! Enjoy your time with your sister! x

  3. Hi Elaina, just catching up now I am back, I have been reading, just not commenting! It sounds like a great Saturday really, just pottering is a good day isn't it. Hopefully Sunday will be a good day for you too, have a fantastic time with your sister! xx

  4. Enjoy your sister's visit. What glorious weather. Loving the lavender. I am so dejected with voting...

  5. Your home and garden look so peaceful and well cared for Elaina! Have a wonderful weekend X

  6. You've captured such beautiful light in your photos, simply stunning.
    The day here has been all blue skies and sunshine. We enjoyed a walk into town for a fresh juice and salad wrap.

  7. Love the lavender against the house, and so good to see that little house again! :) xxx

  8. It sounds like such a lovely day with your family. I love those paper lanterns in the sun.

  9. Such gorgeous photos and that blue sky...lovely. Its really weird reading that you are starting your summer hols and we here in the UK are returning to schools, colleges and Universities and getting the garden ready for Winter.

  10. Enjoy your time with your sister - mine lives in Brisbane too. The weather in Auckland wasn't very conducive to me getting stuck into my garden - maybe next weekend. Enjoy your last child free week before the holidays start.


    PS: Have you been doing any sewing lately?

    1. Do you know what? Not a stitch. Funny you should ask as I was sorting through my material this week and thinking I need to get sewing again. I need to finish cutting up my squares and start my quilt (the entire reason I wanted to get sewing in the first place). My spare time lately has been spent in the garden or the kitchen. xo

  11. Sooo peaceful looking and that sun has me very jealous! Hope you have a lovely time with your sister when she arrives x

  12. LOVE LOVE LOVE these pics x


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