Sunday, 21 September 2014




Sunny Sunday.  Thank you for the morning sun and thank you for staying around long enough for me to get all my outdoor tasks ticked off the list.
In our backyard, in the corner was a triangle patch where my hydrangeas have failed to thrive and where the cat likes to dig around in.  So over the last few weeks when I had time and the weather played ball I have been out there, pulling weeds, laying down weed mat, relocating bucket loads of pebbles and turning soil along the fence line.  Today I re-homed my hydrangeas to the newly dug up garden bed and also added some potted colour, using old bricks to section off the area.
The (waterproof) lanterns have been up all week - and I finally got to set up the table and chair set that I found on the cheap in a sale.  Outdoor cushions added for comfort and colour.  Great spot for an afternoon cuppa, perfect place to sit and watch the kids play while drinking something cold as the sun goes down.  I told my sister who will be visiting next week that it is going to be our "wine time" corner, ha!
Forecast was for afternoon showers, which did eventually arrive, then the temperature dropped so we got the fire going, poured a couple of drinks and started preparing an early dinner.  We ate at 4.30pm, roast pork with the most delicious crackling.  It's been a really good weekend.

Enjoy the remainder of your weekend, what have you been up to?
I hope your week ahead will be a good one x



  1. Getting into the new school year over here, so that's keeping us busy!
    Lovely photos - those baked potatoes are making me hungry :-)

  2. It's like you just popped round and took pictures of my G&T and the belly pork with roasty spuds that Mr AP is currently rustling up! Bernice x

  3. I think that your wine time corner will be a lovely place to sit and do not a lot. Love the little owl that has settled there too, he is very cute! xx

  4. The weather has been crazy here the last few days and particularly today! Looks like a great Sunday in your world x

  5. Your Sunday weather definitely looked better than mine. Love that corner - perfect for summer afternoon G & T and a good book.

  6. I LOVE that spot with the chairs dear friend! It is stunning!!! If I was close by I would bring the wine and we could sit right there! And those pops of color that you have all around your garden are just so beautiful!!! Look at all of this...and the food! Looks like an awesome weekend by you! Wishing you a great week! Nicole xoxo

  7. You have such a pretty spot! That crispy crackling looks so delicious :) YUM!


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