Monday, 27 October 2014

Down the road



On the long weekend we wandered down the road to our neighbours house.

They were out for the day so we went over to let one of their dogs out and take him for a walk with our dog Maybell.

The boys love it on their farm, especially Tom who walks around the place like he owns it.  He lead the way and took us to his favourite spots, the pond, rope swing and wool shed.  Sheep chutes are the perfect slide for small children!

The views are breathtaking from their spot - you can see the sea - the surrounding hills, farms and vineyards.  Just so very beautiful and something I never get tired of or ever take for granted.

Next time we visit I'm going to see if my behind will fit down that sheep chute!

 *That sweet little cottage is on our wander......I love it.


  1. That all looks so beautiful but I just need to check why the sheep have a special slide? x

    1. Ha ha! Shearing sheds are great fun - and this one is two stories high so the sheep have a long way to slide down once the have had their "hair cut". xo

  2. Such beautiful, beautiful scenery. What a gorgeous property your neighbours have! And how lucky for you to be able to enjoy it like this :-) Those little calves are just too sweet xxx

  3. What a great series of photos!

  4. What a lovely walk! We have been cooped up inside all weekend due to the rain and wind. x

  5. Oh my! What gorgeous scenery! I love the photograph of the horseshoes X

  6. Golly!! Is that a magical sight!! Look at all of that beauty just down the road! How lucky are your boys to have the opportunity to experience this!! Beautiful shots! Hope you are well pal! Nicole xo

  7. Wow that look so very very lovely! all those animals would have me and my girls in heaven!

  8. Wow so much for little people to see and enjoy. I think actually I'd like to explore that property too.


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