Friday, 31 October 2014

Gone fishing!

Sunday morning we took the boys fishing - a 15 minute drive to the coast, down a gravel road and a few twists and turns to the far end of the beach where the sand is piled with driftwood. It's a popular place to fish from the waters edge.

We didn't catch a single fish! But it was a great way to send a couple of hours in the sunshine. Building sandcastles, exploring, digging about in the sand, collecting shells and building forts out of driftwood.

We will try our luck at the wharf this weekend, where hopefully the fish will be biting!

So glad it's Friday, and the weekend is here. Have a great one!



  1. Oh wow! You have all that beauty just 15 minutes away?? How wonderful. Amazing photo's! The driftwood, the joy in your boys' faces, the light, the sky- breathtaking! X

  2. What stunning photos friend! That driftwood would look so cool in the garden! And how happy to those boys look with all of the trucks and seashells!!! So glad you were able to take in this beauty! Happy weekend! Nicole xo

  3. It looks utterly delightful. The photo's capture such a calm and pleasant day - what a lovely outing. xx

  4. That looks like a wonderful way to spend a day. The beach is stunning - all that driftwood. x

  5. Now that's a real absorbing spot you have located and secured. Kudos to you all! I bet it would be much more fun to zip right into the middle of the water and get the fish from where they mostly are. With the scenery you've got, that should be quite a trip for the ages. I hope you enjoy more adventures like that. All the best!

    Kent Garner @ Whites Marine Center


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