Wednesday, 8 October 2014

School Holidaying

We are into our second and final week of the school holidays.  It has been a good one, with lots of outdoor time, a bit of sunshine, family and friends visiting, café visits and playground trips.

I love this time with the kids, a break from term time and it's routines.  We live in a coastal town, surrounded by hills, orchards, vineyards and farmland.  There are no huge shopping malls or amusement parks here.  We have one movie theatre.  We would love an indoor playground or Ten Pin bowling centre.......that would be great.

So school holidays can be pretty inexpensive here.  There is no pressure to spend money on expensive outings as there is nothing expensive to go to!  The movies would be the most pricey outing, although so far we haven't been this school holidays.

For my boys who are three and five - they are at an age where they are easily entertained.  We go to the beach, into town for fluffies (babycino's) and to the park most days.  For my teen, she heads into town with friends and goes for sleepover's.

A few weeks ago a neighbour gifted us a kayak and paddle.  We have a creek that runs along the front of our property.  It dries up over summer and fills to the brim when we have heavy winter rains.  At the moment it is ankle deep, deep enough it seems for these three to spend hours going up and down the creek, through a tunnel....up and down. 

It reminds me of when I was little - our house backed onto a reserve with a creek.  We used to spend hours in that creek, walking through tunnels and building rafts to see how far we could sail along.  only returning home to eat or change muddy and wet clothes.

Term 4 is nearly here - swimming will start up for the boys and Bell will have her dance classes.  Back into the swing of term time and the coming summer months.

I'm going to savour these last few days.
How do you spend your school holiday time?
Love them/hate them?
Do you remember your school holidays?


  1. I love it when the kids are off. There is a school holiday coming up here in a couple of weeks. My son turns 13 at the beginning of it so he is thrilled that he has a week of football ahead of him & no school! Lovely gift from your neighbour, I have many happy memories of paddling in a river with a dinghy.

  2. I love it when my boys are off school, just having them around all day is so great (except when they fight! ) x

  3. LOVE sch hols -they are a sanity saver for me working at a school. :) Unpaid hols though sadly. Usually go somewhere most hols for a few days, but with two of having exams after these hols, they have been on the whole, boring with mundane study. Boys are old enough to entertain themselves, sort themselves out with mates - as long as there is food in the house and they have a bit of spending money, they are happy. I am not keen on going to places where loads of kids are - hee hee - as get enough of that term time :), so apart from travel, little money is spent visiting kid places and as they get older, there is little interest from boys anyway. And I loathe amusement parks, so the boys will never visit them with me....(LEGOLAND one exception!).

  4. Looks like you've had a great few weeks! I'm a teacher so, of course, I LOVE school holidays!!! ;-)

  5. School holidays are awesome - love them! and looks like you're having a wonderful time x


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