Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Autumn and a list



Don't let the puffy jackets fool you.  The weather has been so humid.  But the rain has come, thankfully.
Making :  jam, from scratch pasta sauce to freeze and use this weekend with meatballs.....and a mess in my very small kitchen. 
Cooking :  pasta, pizza, roast chicken and stews.  The rain has set in and I'm enjoying cooking warming and filling meals.
Drinking :  tea as always and milo (hot chocolate),  rainy weather always makes me want hot chocolate.
Reading:  NZ Gardener magazine (a Birthday gift subscription - such a great idea) and "The truth about you" by Susan Lewis - a good light girlie read.
Wanting:  a dryer.  Keep telling Mr H it's a need not a want.  We are only a few days into the rain and the washing is piling up already.
Looking:  at flights online to Brisbane, really want to visit my sister.
Playing:  with the racing track.  When set up it takes up the entire lounge.  Keeps the boys entertained for ages.  And I'm an ace at Lego building too now.
Deciding:  on what to plant next.
Wishing:  Mr H would hurry up and paint the toilet and bathroom.
Enjoying:  My childfree mornings.  The time goes so quickly though.
Waiting:  for Mr H to paint the toilet and bathroom.
Liking:  my pink flamingo fairy lights.
Wondering:  when the cold weather will set in.
Loving:  our chickens, their eggs and their quirky personalities.
Pondering:  where and when for a child free night away with Mr H.
Considering:  painting the toilet and bathroom myself!
Watching:  Mr Selfridge on TVNZ on Demand.  And True Crime Stories, which spook me, but doesn't stop me from watching them over and over again.
Hoping:  to start sewing more and using my newly acquired skills.  I've finished sew school and loved it.  Most of my spare time is spent in the garden at the moment.
Marvelling:  at what Tom is learning at school.  He is like a sponge.
Needing:  new shoes.  Went to the podiatrist who insists I stop wearing jandals (flip flops).
Smelling:  star gazer lilies - popped into the trolley with the weekly shop.
Wearing:  short sleeves still.
Following:  the Royal Tour - anyone else a little obsessed.  Just wish the weather was a little better for them.
Noticing:  how tall Bell is getting, she pretty much fits my shoes now, and I don't have small feet.
Knowing:  good things come to those who wait...........
Thinking:  I STILL need to go to bed a little earlier.
Feeling:  lucky.
Admiring:  how easily George has settled in to Kindy.  It's like he has always been there.
Sorting:  my material stash and the bottom of our wardrobe.
Buying:  birthday presents, swap goodies and winter clothes.
Getting:  good night sleeps........finally...........most nights.
Bookmarking:  winter warming recipes.
Disliking:  poo patrol when it's wet, yuck!
Opening:  homemade jam and overseas packages.
Giggling:  at our guinea pigs - such funny little things.  Can't believe the noises they make!
Snacking:  on Roma tomatoes with sea salt and cracked pepper.
Coveting:  pretty leather ankle boots for winter.
Wishing:  I was heading to Oz this weekend for a good friends wedding.
Helping:  Bell with her English homework but not her Maths.  It is beyond me.  She goes straight to Mr H for the Maths work.
Hearing:  rain, lots and lots of rain.

A list via Pip.



  1. With you on maths homework " don't even show me kid".Great list. We just bought tickets to Brisbane 2 days ago for July hols @470 - great price for hols! I want rain and yes very over the humidity ... Next to a fan right now.

  2. Tell the Mr a dryer is definitely a 'need'. I would struggle without one during the Winter months here. It doesn't rain much but it's the cold and damp that makes sure things don't get dry on the line....lovely photos of the boys, they are really growing up. Mel x

  3. Oh yes you definitely need a dryer. Otherwise you'll never get the chance to properly wash and dry your sheets, and there's nothing nicer than clean sheets!! x

  4. Maths homework I can cope with, dealing with a scruffy boy with scruffy writing is a different matter. Sounds like a busy list xx

  5. Wow, you have a lot going on there Elaina!! You certainly are a busy lady. I would be lost without my dryer and I would think that with three children and a lot of rain it would be a must - so Mr Elaina, buy my friend a dryer!! xx

  6. Great photos! Boys that sit in mud puddles!? Oh, you definitely deserve a dryer!

  7. I can't do the math either!! What fantastic pictures of fall setting in by you! The boys look like they are having such a lovely time outside! And your list is just wonderful friend! Though I am looking forward to warmer days I can always do fall days...they are the best! Especially when the menu is full of soups and stews! All the best to you friend! Nicole xoxo

  8. It's so pretty where you are! Love NZ :) It's been too long since I've been over!

  9. I've been meaning to do one of these "Taking Stock" lists, love these, thanks for the reminder,

  10. I love this list, beautiful photos too- love the sitting in the puddle one :)

  11. That sitting in the puddle photo is priceless :0)


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