Saturday, 26 April 2014

Nice things and changes

With Easter and the first week of the school holidays under our belt things have been busy.  Not frantic, just family life, running around here and there with the kids.  The first week went quickly so I'm going to saviour this week a little more.
Here are some nice things from the past week.......
Craving colour at the moment so new cushions have been bought.
And a new rug.
Feijoas (Pineapple Guava) season in full swing.  My nephew dropped of another box, just when I had nearly gotten to the bottom of the last one!  This week I have been making Feijoa crumble and sponge cake.  More jam is on the cards I think.
A parcel from overseas and a friend.  Sewing goodies galore.  I just love the little wicker basket.
I have finished sew school now and will update you next week of my progress.  I have a few projects on the go that I'm hoping to finish soon.  I've been spending a lot of time in the garden lately and enjoying books and movies in the evenings.  I don't know if it's the change of season and recent bugs but I've been feeling so tired in the evenings.
A very sweet pin cushion - love the chicken print.
More washi tape.......
And new to me fabric tape.  I've bought it for gifts before but have never used it before.....any ideas?
Pins for my quilting.
Hazy afternoons and leaves disappearing from the vines.  I love the sight of washing hung on the line.
We have been moving furniture off the grass and back onto the gravel for the colder months.  Clearing and weeding gardens and lots of tidying up around the house.
Just love these three.  Bell turned fourteen this week, can you believe it?
I'll back tomorrow with the 52 project although from now on it will be a little different.
I'll just be photographing the boys.  I have noticed a shift with Bell lately.  She has been wanting more independence and with that she spends less and less time hanging out with us.  It has become more noticeable in the past month or so.  A letting go has been needed on both sides.  She is craving more freedom so with that I won't be including her in the portrait project anymore a decision that was decided between us both.  My girl is growing up.

Have a wonderful weekend xo

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  1. So many pretty things to look at. Love the sewing parcel, so many goodies.
    Gotta say, I love my hills hoist as well :) After years of living in the city, I just love hanging washing out to dry!

  2. Lovely, nice things. I really enjoy posts like this best of all, sharing the everyday mundane and ordinary things that other people do.

  3. The pineapple guavas don't look very exciting, but they sound exotic! The fabric tape is pretty neat - I haven't seen that before. Could you buy some plain picture frames, vintage or new, and wrap them with the tape?

  4. So many nice things in your world.
    Your lounge room is looking bright and fresh with the new cushions and rug. I'm thinking about making some new cushions for our lounge and maybe adding a warm woollen throw rug for winter. x

  5. I love the cushions and the rug…new things to brighten up the home are always nice.
    And I too love washing hanging on the line…too bad I also don't love bringing it in, folding it and putting it away!

  6. Oh friend..... Everything is so very beautiful by you! The new colors that you are incorporating into your space and your lovely parcel!!!! I can't wait to see your updates from sew school....sadly I fell way behind but have learned so much!!! And 14! Wow! No I can't believe it! It is bittersweet isn't it! Tugs at my heart for sure but it is that stage of life...I hope you are doing ok with it. I can only imagine the range of emotions you must experience when they become more independent like this. All the best to you friend!!! Sending you hugs! Nicole xoxo

  7. I should ship our feijoas down to you - ick! composting on our lawn :). We bought a brabatina clothes line which is just like a hills hoist - it replaced our very retro line across the backyard! Love your fabric tape you sent me - I decorate my penfriend's envelopes with it a lot.

  8. Oh felt a pang about the growing up girl! Love post with lots of lovely goodies x

  9. Love the cushions and I just about brought that rug for in bubs room! The little basket of goodies is lovely, gorgeous pins! xox

  10. Such a lovely selection this week! I am envious of your feijoas when I have to pay $6kg at the supermarket every week - I only have enough to eat and not to bake with! Love how vibrant and full of colour your fabrics/tapes/cushions etc are :-)


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