Saturday, 19 April 2014

A bit of this and that

Flamingo fairy lights - I love this quirky pink bird.  These are currently hanging from the mantle but will be moving somewhere else once we start lighting the fire for winter.

Stargazer lilies - these have been my favourite flower for ages.

Orange-gate - the orange quilt is the result of "letting" Mr H choose a new bed cover.  I thought he  was joking and trying to wind me up as I wanted a blue one.  He said it will go perfectly with my ugly flower power pillowcases.  It's grown on me and it lets of this unreal amazing glow in the bedroom.......which can also been seen when you are in the garden AND walking up the hallway.

A craft package sent off in the recipients favourite colours of orange and fuchsia.

Making homemade pasta sauce with Roma tomatoes.
A London linen tea towel and Harrods Tins found for my collection.
Rugby season has started.  Ah yes, Saturday morning winter.

Obsessing about getting washing dry.  We have had lots and lots of rain.

Long weekend breakfasts.
Easter drawing and the beginnings of story writing.
And Easter making.........thank you Julie for the idea and recipe.

Enjoy your Easter long weekend.  It is also the start of the school holidays for us here in NZ - 2 weeks, can't wait!
Happy Easter! xo
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  1. Happy Easter to you and your lovely family. Your husband choosing the orange quilt cracked me up - I like it too. And I love your flamingo lights. We've had washing woes here too - clothes hanging everywhere in the lounge-room (looks very attractive). Cheers, Michelle x

  2. Happy Easter, I love your flamingo lights & I really don't know what I would do if mine came home with an orange cover. I don't think I have anything to go with it. xx

  3. I love these kind of posts, I feel that I get to know you. I love love love orange and think your bed is fab. We have an orange room... it used to be Sam's bedroom, whose favourite colour is - guess - orange. I am going to paint it more plain soon to be able to accessorise as I want. You could move the flamingos to your bedroom, adding to the glow. It is so strange, you moving into autumn, us finally emerging from the long bleak Scottish winter. Happy Easter to all your family. xx

  4. I love all the pinks in your post today. I got some great flamingo glass tumblers in Ikea a while ago, you'd love them!

    You know, I quite like that orange quilt, it will be very cosy in the colder months. x

  5. I like the orange, it's cheerful. Happy Easter to you and your family.

  6. Lots of color in this post! You are a brave woman to let your husband choose the bed cover - mine would get an opinion of course, but I would have the final say!

  7. Lots to love here, happy Easter to you and your family, Elaina.

  8. Oh I so love those Easter nests!! I have to get that recipe from you! And your bedding with all of your colors is stunning! So much goodness where you are friend! A wonderful Easter to you and your family! Nicole xo

  9. Oh all those lovely colours...the oink orange, red, green, happy Easter to you and yours xx

  10. Those Roma tomatoes look delicious. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane

  11. that duvet cover rocks. Good taste there. Love the drawing too. Finally decent rain here. Great drying weather today.

  12. I saw the cutest retro caravan on the weekend, but sadly I didn't have my camera (did think of you and my sister inlaw though, you would have loved it).
    The backdrop behind the kids swing set is jaw dropping, how lucky are you! x

  13. i LOVE those pillow cases. I have some very similar in yellow!


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