Wednesday, 16 April 2014

From garden to plate



Homemade vegetable soup is a staple round here in the colder months and although the weather so far this Autumn is still warm I have been hanging out to put on a pot of vegetable soup.  I have been fighting the flu the past week and all I've been wanting to eat are bowls of soup (and hot cross buns).
I remember coming home from school to this cooking away on the stove top and eating bowl after bowl for afternoon tea and dinner.  It is great to get this started on a Friday evening, then you can help yourself to it over the weekend - perfect to come home to after Saturday morning sport as well.
My raised vegetable garden that sits under the apricot tree needed harvesting and composting so I was able to use some of the vegetables picked in my soup.  Our baby carrots and celery were used.  The coloured silverbeet and purple headed broccoli will be used tomorrow night when I cook a roast for our dinner.
I always make this soup with a bacon hock, which gives the soup a lovely smokey flavour.  Chunky cut potatoes, a packet of soup mix which is full of peas, barley and lentils, chopped onion, garlic and any vegetables you have to hand.  Grating in the vegetables is also a good way to get the greens into fussy eaters.
My kids love this soup, broth and all.  Serve with buttered bread or freshly baked scones and enjoy.
Do you have a dish that you enjoyed during your childhood that you love to cook now?
What is your winter warming go to dish?


  1. I haven't made soup for a long time - well since tonsils out and i lived on home-made soup for weeks and since then have not been able to bring myself to make it again. Made much the same way as you. I used to freeze a lot of it too and it was perfect for school lunches. Awesome vege crop - our winter garden has gone boom due to our warm autumn too. We just need rain!

  2. My mother made split-pea soup with ham and I loved it then as I love it now and I make it often. :)

  3. Minestrone is my favourite winter soup. Yours looks very yummy, too. Love the different sizes and shapes of your carrots! x

  4. It seems so funny that you are getting ready for autumn! That soup looks like just the right sort of thing for an autumny meal though!! Glad that you enjoyed it. Happy Easter. xx

  5. So yummy friend!!! Loving those veggies!! I make vegetable chili which makes for a party in your mouth like your soup! And then freeze the rest for future meals in the winter. I hope you feel better soon..... Beautiful garden!!!! Nicole xoxo

  6. This looks so scrumptious. I actually feel like I can smell it. I now want to make soup and might just have to hunt down a bacon hock. I have never even heard of it before but it sounds delicious and with all the veg would be perfect for us. We are a soup kind of family. If only I was green fingered enough to grow my own veg xxx

  7. Veggie lasagna was my birthday dinner for years. I still enjoy it, but for some reason my husband and I rarely make it. Lovely carrot picture in the colander near the sink.

  8. My veggie soup is just like yours but I sometimes add a chicken thigh for extra oomph on those really cold days. If I've got time I love to make Annabel Langbein's Busy Peoples Bread with lots of pumpkin seeds yum!

  9. I've been away for a week so i've missed so many posts !
    This looks relish, I also love pea and ham soup and corn and chicken!!! Yummo.
    (Glad your carrots look a bit wonky like mine, I thought i was the only now who couldn't grow straight carrots)
    Liv x


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