Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Sew sweet swap

Thank you to Cat from Catalina's cottage for organising such a great swap!

This the second swap I have joined in with.  Sew Sweet Swap.  A zippered pouch (or similar) with filled with yummy treats to be packaged up and sent to your swap partner.   I had a sewing lesson with Fiona last month on how to make one, so I had a good start but jeez, the zipper was a bit tricky.  Not to mention my swap partner was Cat herself, who has a Black Belt in crafting.........no pressure then?!

But like Cat said, it is all fun, and a great way to get sewing.  I made a quilted pouch (with dodgy zipper) and filled it with chocolates.  I also added more chocolate (to make up for the zip), material, ribbon, washi tape and a scented heart soap.  I love putting together the extras for these swaps.

My package was such a nice surprise.  A very sweet pouch filled with sweets and chocolates (eaten before I photographed them) material, Chai Latte syrup, yum and the most beautiful crocheted daisy chain.  You can't tell from these photos but part of the zippered pouch has been made with a vintage napkin.

I LOVE a good Chai Latte, now I can make my own.

Prettiest daisy chain I have ever seen..........

Thank you Cat for putting together such a beautiful swap parcel. xo

Happy week to you, I'm off to sort out my zipper technique.............


  1. gorgeous! Love the fabric choices on both sides. And the ribbon is sweet too. Cat - where do you buy Maycee branded lollies? Have been looking for them for a while...

  2. These are so lovely, I just wish a had a tad more time up my sleeve. Next year I will (hopefully) and if all goes to plan i'll be on 'sew sweet swap' tour with you Elaina x

  3. ahh beautiful Cat her parcel is fab loving the pouch .
    wish I could crochet ! those flowers are fab.
    Dear Elaina your pouch is great gah still learning zips too

    was a great swap wasent it ?!
    hugs xo

  4. Wow, what a beautiful parcel. I love it. Your pouch looks lovely, Elaina. It's not easy to do zippers and such, but you're coming along great.

  5. Yay for another successful swap! Well done you for trying a zip and having success! It looks good! Great parcels all round x

  6. Yeah my parcel arrived :)
    Pinky bars safely in my tum
    Zips aren't easy at the best of times
    Thanks for joining in

  7. gorgeous. I really should do this! Will it run every month? x

  8. What a fantastic swap! My first project was a pillowcase...I would love to know how to do a zipper but have not gotten that far yet! Lovely pouch friend...you did a great job!!! Happy day to you! Nicole xoxo

  9. Your zip looks pretty good to me! They can be temperamental creatures. Try a glue stick to tack it to the fabric before you stitch. Now I'm craving a chai latte! ;)

  10. I'm mostly ok with zips in clothing and cushion covers but pouches and purses always prove a bit troublesome.
    You put together a lovely parcel and received an equally lovely one in return. x

  11. What a fun idea. I love how much generosity there is in the blogging community, and how you can connect with like minded people. I've never tried a zip, I'm terrified of them. x


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