Wednesday, 5 February 2014


"A portrait of my children together, once a week, every week, in 2014."
I'm trying out some new strategies for the new school year.
One of them being a really early dinner- feeding them their main/biggest meal of the day after school, when they are at their most hungry is working out really well. 
After dinner it is outside with an ice cream or ice block and play time.  Bell will do homework and then comes outside to dance and run around with the boys.
A light supper of sandwiches and fruit after bath time followed by an earlier and less hurried bed time.

Joining in with Jodi's "52 project".



  1. I love your afternoon/ evening routine. We do something very similar because they are hungry early and I'd rather feed them up on nutritious food :)

  2. Your afternoon rhythm sounds like a successful one. I remember always being so hungry when I got home from school.
    Your sweet little cat also managed to sneak in on this weeks photo.

  3. Beautiful :) your cat looks sooo relaxed, such a contrast to our awful wet and wild weather too!

  4. Hi this is what I do for my two, try and feed them as soon as my eldest gets in from school then snacks before bed such as apple grapes toast. Lovely photo :)

  5. This is a lovely photo. My kids love their swings too. I think that's a great idea with the meal, I can imagine it works perfectly for growing kids. I might have to consider it in a few years myself.

  6. Gorgeous photo friend! I love the black and whites! And oh my!!! What a great idea to feed them earlier! My beans are always so hungry around 3:30! Have a great day tomorrow!!! Nicole xoxo


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