Saturday, 8 February 2014



We finished the enclosure this morning, and were able to release our Bantams into their run.  They have plenty of space to forage and snoop about, and the shade of two peach trees to enjoy as well.

There is a shed attached for them to roost in, along with the nesting boxes.

Katy Pecky is still running about in the vineyard, not sure if we will get her back anytime soon.

Meanwhile Betty and Roseanna seem pretty happy.........will keep a close eye on them for now though.  Just incase they are plotting their escape!

Thanks so much for all your helpful advice on yesterdays post, really, really appreciated. xo


  1. They look very happy in their new enclosure. It wont be long before they scratch it up and make little dust baths.

  2. I love chooks and really miss mine. Love your spotty girls :)

  3. Let's hope that they chicken out of running away!! (sorry!) xx

  4. Wow chicken heaven. Hope they appreciate it. Mx

  5. Oh so wonderful friend! After I read your post I was on the phone with my mom trying to convince her to get chickens for their property! And I think they might! So glad your girls have a nice home with you all! Take care! Nicole xoxo

  6. Wow, your chickens are living the good life! Mine have a really big area, but have never seen such grass! Do you have snakes?

    1. Hi Katie, thankfully no snakes here in NZ. They seem to really like the long grass, they hide away. Looking forward to them peaking around a bit more and keeping the grass down a bit more xo

  7. Sounds like Katy Pecky has the eye of the tiger...(the little one plays that song NON STOP round here!) How pretty are Bantams and what a perfect home you've given them, Elaina. Lucky chooks! X


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