Thursday, 20 February 2014

A heart filled Valentine swap

This year is the year of the swap! I chickened out last year and watched on in envy with all the amazing and creative swaps floating about in blog land.  So this is the year I say yes!  And join in.  I have participated in four this month.  First up is Tracy's Valentine Swap.  A chance to send a parcel of heart themed treats off to a lucky someone and receive one too.

I was sent a wonderful parcel from Leonie - Kiwi at Heart blog - below is what I received.  A beautiful hand made card, cross stitch heart on canvas (such a clever idea) and my the most amazing flower bunting..........and you know how I feel about bunting.  There was also a huge bar of my favourite Whittaker's chocolate but that was eaten before I had a chance to photograph it all.  Oops.

Thank you so much Leonie for putting together such a crafty and thoughtful Valentines parcel.  Chuffed! xo

My parcel was sent to Chris from Loving Memory Bears.  You can see Chris's Valentines swap post here.
I made a felt heart with ribbon and put together a selection of heart shaped gingerbread cookies, chocolates, scented heart shape soap, heart patterned fabric and flowery ribbon.
I love receiving treats in the post but am really enjoying putting together a parcel too!

 Do you know of any other great swaps coming up?
I think I have it sorted now,  start on the making straight away and post off as early as you can.  I tend to leave everything till the last minute..........but I'm getting there.
Will share more swap goodies with you soon.
Excuse my photos,  using an old camera at the moment.  My camera that George threw in the fish tank is now well and truly dead........waiting for a new one.  This one is driving me mad!


  1. gorgeous items sent and received. I wish i could crochet more than straight lines or squares...

  2. Hi there lovely swop :) I took part in a christmas one and a valentines one too. I've been doing a stone exchange blog if you fancy exchanging with me! A couple of lovely ladies have taken part already and a few facebook page. If you'd like to exchange please leave a message on my blog. Love seeing what your up too. Emma x

  3. Such lovely things to have sent and received, it is lovely to be able to share little parcels of loveliness with total strangers isn't it. True kindness!! xx

  4. Beaitiful both sent and recieved !! Im loving swaps too if you find any more please let me know lol .I love how we all think different.
    Hugs xo

  5. That flower bunting is awesome! What a great gift.

  6. Lovely swap packages. I have joined Flickr, and have subsequently taken part in a lot of international small sewing project swaps, fabric swaps etc. Lots of fun.

  7. Awesome packages! looks like these were two great swaps!

  8. I cant believe I didn't comment on here earlier. I LOVED my gifts, the gingerbread hearts where so delish I didn't share, Orange blossom soap is one of my favourite smells and the rest of the goodies where just as fun, I really liked your card, how clever and Im going to copy that idea


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