Thursday, 19 December 2013

Things I'm loving......

Wellington! Three days and two nights away with Mr H. Lots of exploring the city and shops, eating, eating and more eating, Te Papa museum an art gallery or two and plenty of cocktails. I missed the kids but it was so nice to have some time away.

Artwork by Tom and signed. He has never been one for sitting down and drawing so it was really great to find this on the blackboard. As we are preparing him for school in January he is starting to draw and write his name more and more now.

This was our first Christmas tree made from some branches we trimmed from a tree in the garden. After coming back from our trip it was all shrivelled and stinky. So we actioned another non perishable tree.

All dressed up to party. I swear these two have a busier social life than me.

We spent Sunday afternoon at a local winery have a few drinks and listening to a great local band. Kids were welcome and they had a great time running around outside and playing in the cubby house.

We have had crazy weather this week. Hot and humid days and then rolling thunder and rain (and sometimes hail) in the afternoon. I have been loving the fact that it cools everyone down, waters the garden and fills our water tank.

Homemade Christmas mince pies and preserves from Em. I love the tin. The late Queen mum wearing a very fabulous yellow number.

My Advent Swap partner Kimberley from Creative Chaos sent me these gorgeous wash cloths as a thank you. She is so crafty and clever! I'm hoping to photograph my amazing Advent Swap goodies given to my by TracyP tomorrow and share them with you. I'm so blown away by her generosity and attention to detail. I swear she has been in my head!

Have actioned Nigella's chocolate fudge recipe. I made it last year and it is so delicious. It is in the fridge setting as I type and will be cut up and popped into these Christmas ramekins and wrapped up with cellophane and bows. Tom and I stamped labels for them too. He is really looking forward to handing them out to his Kindy teachers tomorrow.

And for the Kindy Christmas party I have made Rice Bubble slice, adding marshmallows this time. Yum!

 So that's me lately. I have the last two Christmas parties tomorrow and a few pressies to wrap. We are packing up and heading North for Christmas in a couple of days. I will be cleaning madly as we have friends coming to house sit and enjoy the music festivals that happen down our way over the New Year. How we will pack up and leave the house spotless in time for them to arrive I am still trying to get my head around. I swear there are naughty fairies who undo all my good work as I go!

Merry Christmas!

"I wholeheartedly believe that no matter what is happening in your life, there is always something you can be thankful matter how simple it is."

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  1. Merry Christmas Elaina!!! Lucky you having a break away with your husband for a long weekend. We haven't had the chance to do that just yet. Once the girls are a little older maybe x

  2. Merry Christmas! Your weekend away looks fab :)

  3. Merry Christmas, Elaina. I love Te Papa too, I went years ago when visiting my husband's parents, who live in Wanganui. Wellington is a beautiful city, I would enjoy living there.

  4. Merry Christmas to you! OOoooo all that Christmassy baking looks devine!! Enjoy!

  5. Wow your weekend away looked fabulous!! I love getting away!
    Such an fantastic time of year this is with food and parties and gifts! So very much to be loving!

  6. Everything is of course wonderful and glad that you and your man had a lovely time away, but can I say, those clouds - amazing!! Your decorations all look lovely, and I love how you can add vases of flowers to the mix! Happy Christmas. xx

  7. Oh yes those pesky naughty fairies are everywhere! Lots of good stuff going on in your world! Good luck with the last few bits and cleaning and have a great holiday!

  8. Half your luck...a sneaky weekend away AND at the busiest time of the year! Lucky lovebirds!
    Those moody clouds are spectacular and wineries at your fingertips arhh!
    I would LOVE to join in the advent swap next year, can you let me know how??
    Liv x

    1. I joined in a NZ one but if I see an Aussie one for next year I will let you know. xo

    2. Thanks i'd love that…otherwise I'm happy to post across the seas!
      Merry Christmas xx

  9. Lots of lovely things everywhere. Love Wellington - hoping to be there in a week or two - we will be wandering around the North Island a bit. Might make the rice bubble slice! Fab that wash cloths arrived and are appreciated. And that I was called crafty and clever! :)

  10. So much goodness happening in your world!!! That winery party sounds fantastic!!! And your home looks so cozy, cheerful and festive!! Those fresh greens on the mantel were beautiful!! Nothing better than recharging the battery! So glad you got away!!!!! From the chocolate cake to the amazing vineyard shot you are surrounded by magic!!! You can just feel it through your pictures!!! Good luck cleaning friend and safe travels! Nicole xoxo

  11. Best.tin. ever!! Yeh I don't know how I EVER get away anywhere!! SUCH a mission!! And then the unpack at the other end.. and leaving the holiday place clean/tidy.... Always worth it though!
    Have an awesome Christmas!

  12. It's lovely seeing photos of you Elaina, the face behind such a wonderful blog.
    I do like all the sweet treats that come out of the kitchen at Christmas time.

  13. You came to Wellington - next time be sure to get in touch - I'd love to catch up for a coffee! Love the gorgeous scenery where you live - always reminds me of such happy times visiting friends in the area - hope you have a wonderful, restful Christmas and thanks for linking in with Things I'm Loving! xx


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