Friday, 6 December 2013

This weekend.........

This weekend.............

I need to climb the apricot trees - a lot of them are ready and it looks like it will be another bumper crop.  I think it will be a case of apricots with everything.  We have two trees and thankfully they ripen one after the other.

My nieces are here for a sleepover.  We opted for dinner outside on the lawn tonight.  It has been so hot today.  I love being able to eat outside during the summer months.  Less to clean up inside, and the chats we have are hilarious - I think due to the "casual" setting.

Mr H and I have a Christmas function to go to Saturday night - two weekends in a row.  Unheard of round these parts of late.  I remember the days when it was rare to eat at things have changed?!

I need to get my Christmas on.  We will finish decorating this weekend.  I find that having Christmas in our summer, I like to go all out with the fairy lights, music and decorating (my excuse) to make it really feel like Christmas.  No snow, warming fires or mulled wine here.  It's hot weather, BBQ's and jandals (flip flops).  I have to buy fans for the bedrooms and replace our faded and threadbare beach towels with some nice new ones too this weekend.  I need a pedicure too, hoping to sneak one in over the weekend.  I love having my toes seen too.

I will also (madly) be finishing off my Christmas Ornaments for the swap - they were meant to go out this week - but I still haven't finished them.  They have taken me so much longer than planned.

A nice and not too busy weekend which leads to Mr H and I heading off for a couple of days holiday next week.  Two nights!  My wonderful sister n law Em will be taking over as mum.  So very thankful for her.  And keep an eye out for these beauties below - Em makes these amazing wool felted fairies.  I'm going to be giving one lucky reader a custom ordered one, you will get to choose your colours.  Exciting!

I will also share my Advent goodies so far with you next week.  I'm so pleased I joined in.  Absolutely loving it.

That's me!  How are your days panning out leading up to Christmas?
Hanging out for a holiday?
Happy weekending friends!


  1. I guess I never thought of preparing for summer while preparing for Christmas at the same time as I was such a small child when I lived in Australia I never really noticed it in that way. In England we are hunkering down for winter! I wish we were preparing for summer, it seems so long ago... Hope that you are having lots of fun with all of your preparations and decorating, whilst picking apricots! Hope you have a great weekend, whatever you end up doing. xx

  2. Apricots are my favourite fruit! Unfortunately the ones we can buy in Scotland at a price comparable to that of gold are usually hard and sour.
    Have a really lovely time away with your Mr H. Cx

  3. Look at the glorious goodness in your shots! Blooms and fresh apricots! All the reason to feel blessed and cheerful this Christmas! And how wonderful that you are getting away! That is just so important to do!!! (We are due for a trip!) Those fairies are beyond wonderful! I LOVE THEM! Oh my!!!!....just so very perfect in every way!!! All the best to you friend!!! Nicole xoxo

  4. Enjoy your festive preparations in your flip flops! Love that angel....and brill images of you children too! :) x

  5. These wool felted fairies are absolutely gorgeous! Will keep my eye out for that giveaway!!!
    I just have to say too, that everything is so lush and green, the view to your front gate and beyond is stunning!

  6. Oh those fairies are gorgeous!! and those apricots... drooooool... hope you had a wonderful weekend x


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