Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Christmas goodies from Stuck on you!

How are you going with your Christmas shopping?
I decided last year to cut down considerably on the amount of presents that I buy for the kids.  I'm always keen on quality over quantity and  I like to make a big deal of the whole lead up to Christmas - decorating the tree and around the house.  Spending time with family, enjoying delicious food and thoughts of a long hot summer holiday ahead.
The sister company to Penny Scallan Design (who as you know we love) - Stuck on You invited me to go online and do a bit of Christmas shopping for my three.
There are tons of products for children, everything from clothing, accessories, party ware, toys, labels and an abundance of Christmas goodies.  All of which you can have your children's names printed onto.  You can pick what colours, font and design you want so you can really personalise it to suit your child's tastes.
I chose a jumbo Christmas stocking each - printed with their name and a fun design.  These are huge, trimmed with ribbon and nicely padded so they hang really well too.
A toiletry bag for Bell, which is perfect for trips away over the holidays.  She is mad about Paris so I know she will love this design.  It came complete with some travel containers and toothbrush as well.
Tom has one of the Penny Scallan Kinder packs so I sorted George out with his own back pack complete with a tractor on it.  It can be used as a day pack over summer and it will get even more use come March when he will start kindy.
So if you are stuck (no pun intended) for ideas - and there is still plenty of time........just.  Pop over to see the HUGE selection of Stuck on You goodies.  You can have any of the items personalised or not.  The decision is yours.
Stuck on You - www.stuckonyou.biz

 *** Thank you to the awesome team at Stuck on You - we were very lucky to be gifted these items.  All opinions are my own.  We love the products so are more than happy to shout from the roof tops about them!


  1. I am so with you on reducing the amount of gifts for Christmas...concentrating more on moments and memories! This shop looks amazing! I just love that bag for Bell! And the boys' bags are adorable! Thanks so much for introducing me to this line friend! I hope that you have an outstanding day tomorrow! Nicole xoxo

  2. Those stockings are A.dorable!!!


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