Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Vintage lace and buttons..........a Kiwi ornament swap

I joined in this years Kiwi Christmas Ornament swap organised by Dione from Mrs Sew Funky.

My handmade decorations were Christmas Stockings, blanket stitched and hand sewn with vintage cotton lace.  A few had button detailing and a couple with a Merry Christmas tag sewn on.  Each a little different in their own way.  I decided not to stuff them but keep them open.  They look sweet with candy canes sitting in them.

I loved making these and hope the recipients like them.  I'm hoping to join in again next year.  And will start ALOT earlier next time.  Sewing is still new to me and they took a lot longer than planned.  I would also like to make some for our own tree too.

And below are the handmade Christmas decorations that I received.  Aren't they great?!  Looking at these makes me really want to have another try at crochet.  Imagine the possibilities for next year!

Thank you again Mrs Sew Funky for organising the swap!

Linking in with Leonie too!


  1. Such beautiful swappy things! I love the little stockings with all the different buttons, the pinky white ones look just like a snowman arranged like that! xx

  2. They're gorgeous. Wish I could have joined in!! Enjoy, and Merry Christmas xx

  3. Your stockings are gorgeous! Love the vintage lace. We still need to get a tree to decorate.

  4. They are great! And I love the stockings too :-)

  5. Your ornaments are absolutely beautiful Elaina!!! They are perfect in every way! I love the lace and the buttons add just the perfect touch! You have inspired me to get making! Seriously!!! You received some sweet little treats as well!!!! Nicole xoxo

  6. You've done a great job Elaina :) No doubt all the recipients loved them :) Hooray for fun swaps!


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