Thursday, 19 September 2013

Do you have stealth?

It's back! The second annual Sisterhood Ninja Bake! 

Get your whisks, beaters and camouflage gear out ladies! You have received the call up!

October 18-19th 2013
"The Ninja Baking weekend is all about blessing someone with a fairly simple gift: Our love in the form of bikkies, scones, muffins, cakes, or a secret recipe!"....Sophie

Sophie from the blog Sophie Slim is organising the second annual Sisterhood Ninja Bake!

I'm joining in this year.  And will be whipping up a few batches of something delicious and then secretly delivering them to the recipients door.  Using my Ninja like stealth.......of course.

Click on the links below to find out further details and to register.  You can then put forward nominations of who you think would be a deserving recipient or you can choose your own.

This is currently being run in New Zealand - but I think where ever you are in the world, next time you are whipping up a cake or biscuits, double your recipe and hand deliver to a neighbour.
Click on the logo above or here to register!
You have until September 25th to register.


  1. It is a really great idea, I imagine you'll have a bit of a longer walk than us townies to deliver to the neighbours.

    1. You have no idea?! I will do 2 drops on our road and the rest in town. It would take me about 10 minutes just to walk up one of our neighbours long and windy driveway!

  2. This is awesome!!!!! Ha!!! I like the whole ninja thing and think I may just make a double and pass it on like you said!!! Way to pay it forward!!! Happy weekend to you sweet friend!!!!!


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