Tuesday, 17 September 2013

The leap

 And so it begins..........
I've done it!  After much toing and froing I have added my blog to Facebook.
Friends have mentioned that it would be easier for non bloggers to click over to "A little bit country" and read new posts from their Facebook notifications.
It will also be a great way for me to share my giveaways.
You can find me here.
Is your Blog on Facebook?  How do you find it? 
Pop your Blog Facebook link in the comments section below and I will stop by and say hi.
I'm still a little unsure......tell me it will be ok?!


  1. I'm not a facebooker, the thought of it terrifies me, but then the thought of blogging scared me a few months ago and here I am blogging away! I won't be joining you on facebook just yet, but I wish you all the best with it and hope that it does all that you want it to!

  2. Im not on facebook but toss up between having a blog page and not... Go you for taking the plunge! x

  3. yay good on you..:) i get alot of hits from facebook especially from non bloggers


  4. Perfect timing... I just shared the link to one of your posts on FB today :)

    1. Cool - I have no idea what I'm doing yet - I thought it would be easy to navigate, like a personal facebook page. But it's not....gulp. xo

    2. They change it every week too, so it's situation normal to not know what you're doing with your page. It does get easier though. Congratulations, it looks great! Welcome to a whole new part of blogging :)

  5. I just started following you on Facebook - good on you. I haven't started a page yet, don't think I can cope just yet with being in too many places, but it's certainly something I would consider in the future as most of my friends don't even know I have a blog and they are all on Facebook.

  6. Hello! I just popped over and liked your page xxx

  7. Congrats!!!! Happy FB!!!! Hope your week is well!!!

  8. oooh. yes I'm on facebook too! I rather like having another way to connect thats a bit more 'in the moment" and informal than the blog. Lets be friends, heading over to Like now :-) B xx


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