Tuesday, 14 April 2015

In the kitchen..........easy lemonade scones

The easiest scone recipe ever!
Lemonade Scones
4 cups of self raising flour
300ml of thickened cream
300ml of lemonade
Combine the ingredients and mix until a dough is formed.
Flour your surface and roll out.  I used a cookie cutter to make into rounds
Bake until golden on 180 degrees.
They pull easily apart and are light and fluffy.  My previous scones are usually rock hard on the outside, so this recipe will be a firm favourite.
Top with  jam and cream and enjoy!


  1. Fascinating! I will be trying this recipe. These look so delicious X

  2. Sounds delish and so easy! I grew up with that Crown Lynn pattern, but it seems to elude me on my opshopping trips, alas my mum has not a single piece left either!

  3. Oh yum. There are so many good scone recipes, but this one is definitely the easiest I've seen. I must give it a go. Scones with jam and cream is one of my favourite treats.

  4. Who would have thought it!! How fantastic. They look delicious!! xx

  5. Yum wish I lived closer, I would have loved a cuppa with one of those.

  6. might just have to run over to dairy for a can of sprite and cream tomorrow! Yum

  7. I'm from the States, and haven't heard of thickened cream, is it something sold in the UK that I might know of under a different name, like clotted cream, or is it something you make?

    1. Hi Mary, it is exactly like clotted cream. I buy it from the supermarket, comes in a tub. It's really thick/firm cream.

  8. Look at you and your perfect shaped scones! Now I know the secret!
    I remember marvelling when I first found this recipe MAGIC

  9. Oh my word.. I will have to have some please! Pop the kettle on. I'm on my way over!
    Hazel x


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