Friday, 14 June 2013


I slung the camera around my neck this morning when I went to put the bins out this morning....I know very glamorous.  I do it in my PJ's too!

When I do manage to haul myself out of bed in the morning, I love seeing what the morning sky is like.  It was beautiful out the front this morning.  Around the back over the vineyard it was grey and a low mist hung about.  The vines look messy and wild at the moment as they are waiting patiently to be pruned.

I am a night owl, although I am trying to change this.  I struggle most mornings to get up.  I have never been a morning person.  Like alot of households we have toddlers who like to wander into our room during the night.  One of whom also wakes up each morning, bright as a button at 5am!

When Mr H was on holiday a couple of weeks ago he did the kindy run.  On one occasion, one of the teachers said..............."Good morning Tom!  So nice to see you here EARLY".  Mr H relayed the conversation to me.  And yes I can take a hint.

So I have been trying very hard to get to bed earlier.  I have now set myself a bed time.  And on rising in the morning I set about getting ready.........straight away.

If tend to phaff about.  Slow if you will.  I was a working mum for the first eight years of Bell's life so I know how difficult it is to get out the door with little ones.

I like to sit and have my breakfast at a leisurely pace.  This however does not bode well, in getting Tom to Kindy by 8.30am.

So as week two closes on my new morning regime.  We are getting to kindy most mornings by 8.30am.  We used to get there between 9 - 9.30am.  This way he gets to settle in with everyone else.  And I can get started on my day a little earlier than usual.

So this is what I am working on:

In bed by 10pm.
Out of bed along with everyone else - around 6.30am.  (Work in Progress)
Make breakfast for the boys (Bell is thankfully very self sufficient in the mornings).
I make lunches
Dress the boys
Put a load of washing on and stack the dishwasher

I tend to sit down with my tea in the morning and check my emails etc.  I'm trying to not do this until later on in the morning.  (Work in Progress).

If I crank up the pace instead of "swanning" about we can get out of the door in good time.  Bell gets the bus at the end of the road which is great.

So what works for you in the mornings?  Do you set alot of things up the night before?

Are you of the "swanning about" persuasion?
Happy weekending!


  1. Oh, I hate mornings... but I've realised the earlier we get up the more likely we are to get out of the door on time - and still happy! Simple really I suppose!

  2. Ha! I am a night owl and struggle to get up must mornings as well! This will have to change in a few months as I will be watching my brothers daughter in the fall and they will be dropping her at 7!!! I sooooo have to get myself on an earlier schedule so that I am ready to go! Your photos are gorgeous! Those skies are insane!!! Have a lovely weekend!!

  3. I'm not a morning person either, but i have a brilliant system-an early bird hubby who makes lunches, showers and dresses clauds, makes breakfast and often does all the prep. For dinner, before finally holding the babe whilst i shower (and sometimes drop claud at kindy too!). The joys of an early rising-glide time working hubby!

  4. Hmmm, yes, I have never been a morning person, either. We have a little person ready to start her day at 5am, too. Far too early. However, i remember in the "olden days" struggling to get up at 7am to go to work. 7am these days is a nice sleep in. I guess that's progress

  5. we are pre dawn risers....5.30 is a sleep in...we usually hit the floor at 4.30 or 5.....after 7 years im used to it and strangely am now a morning person...purely out of necessity but its a mind game im willing to play. im also a shocker for staying up late, reading till 10.30 or 11.every night I tell myself early to bed....but I just love a silent household and cant bare to waste it with sleep!!. I have the luxury of 4 hours to get ready each morning....its been so long I doubt I could pull it off if we slept till 7. sleep is overrated anyway...right? xx

    1. I nearly fell off my chair when I read this Al! But it is amazing how you get used to surviving on not alot of sleep xo

  6. I am not a morning person. But the rest of my people are. Fortunately sam gets up with the kids most mornings and I slowly drag myself out of bed a bit later on. when he's away for work. . . the mornings are what i struggle with most.

    rachel xo

  7. I LOVED love early mornings, in fact when my cat wakes me up at about 3am I usually stop up a while and wait for the sun to rise (this is only a summer habit, I'm not THAT bonkers!) I am however struggling to stay awake past 10pm! :) x

  8. read allison's comment and that's me as well (no wonder she's my bloggy bff!) my child has smith magenis syndrome (no sleep included!) so night time's are broken, early rising is the norm, plus i sometimes try to fit in a run in the morning but the alarm has to be set pre 5 for that!!! also i cannot resist the few hours of quiet after 9 when tilly actually sleeps so stay up late as well!! no wonder i feel knackered all the time....but this also feeling normal! and no i dont get anything ready...i spend all those hours every day running around in a frantic rush looking for things and berating not getting more organised.....mmmm perhaps i should write a life management blog lol! xxxxx

  9. I am not a morning person! It's always a rush - I run around making packed lunches, unloading the dishwasher while eating my breakfast at the same time. My tea has usually gone cold by the time I drink it. I marvel at those families who find time to eat breakfast together before school. I wish we did that but I'm not prepared to get up half an hour earlier.. x

  10. Beautiful photos and gorgeous blog, glad to have discovered it.


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