Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Opshop Showoff......anyone for tennis?


I bought these 3 (and quite old) little trophies a while back for Tom from an op shop in town.  For the princely sum of $1.50 each. .

He loves them, and they are displayed with pride in his bedroom.  One of them is for being so strong..."like a super hero".  As the muscle posing above confirms.

Trophies from left to right show:
Parawai Tennis Club - Berridge Cup (Mixed Doubles) - C Davies - 1953-54.
Berridge Cup - C Davies - 1955-56.
The oldest cup (HB Motor Coy Cup) is dated 1939.  Won by a Miss C E Ansel.

I wonder if Miss CE Ansel eventually became C Davies (Mrs) perhaps?

Sweet little pieces of history don't you think?

Found anything great lately? Pop over and share it with Max.


  1. ahh, i love these, history etched right in to them; and mini trophies are just such lovely objects in their own right.
    ps love your wee fellas sailing boat tee x

  2. So jealous of your trophy find! I've been wanting one for a while to put my pens and pencils in. Lucky you :)

  3. Love bicep curl! Great trophies.

  4. They could have little races around the garden and 'win' a trophy! :) x

  5. What lovely finds, so full of history like you say. You always find the best op shop stuff! x

  6. What interesting finds! :-)

  7. Lovely little trophies, I often wonder why no one in families want to keep such a personal memory. Your little fellow looks like he appreciates them anyway. Great book stack too!

  8. Old trophies are such great quality.
    A bit of Silvo polish and filled with roses they make for wonderful vases. x


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