Friday, 28 June 2013

Wind swept



We wagged swimming yesterday.  It was so cold.  I think we will give swimming a miss next term and start up again in the summer. 
George and I are on the mend.  I have my energy back this week, hooray!  So to avoid cabin fever we wrapped up and headed into town for a quick op shop looky and did a cafe stop, then headed out to the beach.
It was freezing but the boys loved it.  They bolted from the car and could'nt wait to head down to the sand...........and the water.  They were on auto pilot for the stream where they played and plodged.
It was cold, windy and grey.  But the fresh air did us all good. 
We headed happily back home for warm (dry) clothes, lunch, milos and a blazing fire.
Rugby practice was cancelled.  So it was an early dinner of sausages, mash and gravy.  Baths and early nights for the boys.
I love days like these.
Happy weekending lovelies!


  1. I feel like I've just been on a windswept walk with you, great images! :) x

  2. Days like that are perfect. I love to be on the beach in the winter. That driftwood is amazing. x

  3. brrr looks cold and fab....I love a good brisk windy day at the beach. I was thinking the same about the driftwood...did you take some home with you?
    sausages mash and gravy!...yum!! x

  4. I love days like this too, as long as there is a hot bath or shower at the end of it all and some worn out children ready for bed. mel x

  5. What beautiful photos friend! I really love the gray sky and the beautiful driftwood...just so perfect! So glad you were able to romp around and then go home with your cuties to a warm fire and sausage...doesn't get better than that!

  6. what a beautiful wild and woolly coastline you have. I love the beach on cold grey days. xx

  7. Sounds like a lovely day out and about. the crisp winter air does wonders for the soul.x


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