Friday, 21 December 2012

Around here

Last minute goodies from Olive and Isla.

Love this swallow print.
George's top and shorts for Christmas day.
You have just got to love a gingham print for summer!

The apricots have finished but the plums are finally starting to ripen.

Climbing fences.
I think our plum tree looks Christmassy.

The grapes are growing..........

I never get tired of our view.

My little man had a much needed haircut today.  Now he is off to do a spot of shopping.

Oh dear!  This is not good.  Wee George is our first "runner".

Watching the corn grow.

Bowls of ice to keep little people cool - it has been so hot lately.

Thank goodness for our big shady tree!


  1. oh wow I love love love the swallow print too! x x

  2. Your pictures are beautiful! Your secenery is like an Italian backdrop to a movie :) Love that top! I bought similar material like that for myself a while ago! You've inspired me to make a dress for myself.

    Sophie xo

  3. We can't grow apricots up here but our plum trees are FULL
    Didn't try corn this year
    And our grapes are doing fab as long as we can keep the birds off them

    1. The vineyard and corn are over the fence - not ours. Although we have a great vine running along our fence in the back garden. Hoping the birds will stay clear! xo

  4. Your fruit trees look amazing. My dad had a big apricot tree in his backyard that is sadly gone now. I remember one hot christmas the tree was so prolifically covered they were just falling off into our plates! The book arrived too, I have got stuck in already and it is fabulous! Now I just need to work out how to sneak away by myself in a caravan for a well needed mother break! mel x

    1. I would LOVE a retro caravan, it's at the top of my wish list. Wendyl has grown up children, so it is easy for her to sneak away (could you imagine?!) I totally get the apricot thing. The tree was so full - they would plonk you on the head if you stood under it long enough. xo

  5. Your blog makes me want to trade in my life and move to the country! So beautiful. Jenx

  6. Gosh, I wouldn't get tired of the view too! Have a lovely Christmas! :) x

  7. Oh to have fruit trees laden with fruit.
    Love the swallow print, so goegeous!
    You live in paradise.

  8. What a lovely place you have! Have a merry Christmas!

  9. oh i would never tire of that view either!!! looks like so much lovlieness in you world! have a wonderful Christmas - thank you for all your sweet comments and visits to my blog ...looking forward to what 2013 brings x

    1. Thank you Brenda for your gorgeous blog, so much inspiration there. xo

  10. Plums already! Enjoy your bounty.


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