Thursday, 6 December 2012

It's starting to feel a lot like Christmas....................

Well that Christmas feeling is well and truly here, especially now the tree is up and decorated and  the fairy lights and bunting are strung up around the house.

I'm getting used to the fact that with wee George in the house things are not going to stay where I leave them.  He is loving all the new sparkly stuff around him and has been grabbing, throwing or chewing anything Christmassy he can get his chubby hands on.  He has taken chunks out of a few of my tree baubles already.  It is getting better though - today I have only had to rescue the candy canes from his sticky hands.

I was thinking of getting a real tree and then doing a "sticky" one - you know the ones I mean, all branchy, very popular in magazines at the moment.  But our old faithful has come out yet again.  I bought it in the UK and can't seem to part with it.

This weekend we have two Christmas parties to go to and one of them will be without the kiddies in tow which will be great!  We have all day Saturday free so will be in the garden weeding and then in the kitchen cooking up some Christmas treats.

I'm going to be Nigella this weekend and whip up spiced peaches, steeped Christmas fruits and some chocolate pistachio fudge for teacher treats.  I have a collection of preserving jars on the bench all ready to go.  Some will go in the cupboard and the rest will be dressed up with Christmas ribbon and given as gifts.  The recipes seem easy and I've bought all the ingredients needed, so we are all good to go!

I've never attempted a Christmas cake but would love to make Christmas mince pies as these would be my favourite treat for this time of year.

What treats are you making for Christmas?

Are you feeling in "Christmas Control"?   Shopping done?  Do you plan your Christmas day menu?

I'm hoping/trying for a simple Christmas this year. Laidback, stress free. The way I'm sure it's mean't to be...........


  1. I think I am on track..trying to do small bits when I can, not always easy with a 4 month old though :P
    Have a fun time at the Christmas parties this weekend and happy baking (the chocolate pistachio fudge sounds just delicious!)
    Have a lovely day today x

  2. I've stared the Christmas present making, all of the fabric kind, not a cook I'm afraid! We have a busy weekend celebrating Mr Beas birthday so Saturday will be spent decorating tree and house! Have a good weekend! :)

  3. Go, Nigella! I love all your decorations, and whoop! to a night out without the kids xx

  4. Delicious!! I've done a trial of what'll be my Christmas cake this year - a little unconventional, but absolutely delicious! It's this one, from my favourite Leon cookbook :)

  5. I've been making lists and doing bits and pieces here and there but am nowhere near being organized for Christmas. I am always doing things to the last minute - I was hoping to be more organized this year. Maybe next year. I am planning to do some edible gifts this year, too. I have been doing a bit of recipe testing. I made choc mint fudge which was pretty tasty (and easy). And almost gone - I must make some more.

  6. Have a great weekend! Sounds like a busy one. We are going to be in the garden for a good part of it. Although there is stuff that we want to get done, it kind of feels good to know that we don't have too! I'm sure I'll be squeezing in some Christmas prep to take the pressure off the next few weeks.
    Go a sticky tree. You know you want to! We've got a real tree. but I've managed to fit in some sticks around too :)


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