Monday, 17 December 2012

A weekend

Bell's favourite spot to read.  She has found an author that she loves and can't put the books down.

Sticky, hot weather over the weekend.  We retreated to the river both days.  The boys spent more time in the mud - this will be a favourite summer spot I think.

George's swim shorts were bright yellow - not anymore!

Apricot jam - which ended up more like a "compote" I put too much water in.  The jam recipe I had used dried apricots and I had used fresh ones off our tree.  Better luck next time.  Mr H made a more successful apricot chutney.  The smells coming from the kitchen on Sunday while we were cooking were just amazing.

Mr H's chutney going in the jars.........

My Apricot "jam" and the chutney all sealed up and ready to eat and gift.

Discovered asparagus growing in the chicken coop!

Corn rows over the fence.  I keep thinking about the film "Children of the Corn" - spooky.

Corn rows and grape vines - thriving with all of the sunshine.

Christmas gifts and candy canes - not long to go now.....
Have a great week!


  1. no it's not long to go!! gosh it looks so pretty where you live and always good to see a nose in books :) xo

  2. What a lovely weekend! Your pressies look really pretty

  3. I'm sure the apricot 'compote' will still be delicious. Maybe you could try freezing some. My parents used to purée stewed apricots. We loved to eat it straight out of the freezer like icy poles.

  4. oh that apricot compote looks delicious. i think with any type of preserve which is handmade it's a bit of hit and miss, but whether too runny or too firm, it's the fact that it's fresh and tastes oodles better than the bought stuff!! What a wonderful weekend you had x

  5. Man, you guys sure do live in a beautiful part of Aotearoa!
    The mud flats were always a hit when I was a kid and I am sure we took half of it home in our pockets.
    That chutney and compote sure look good.

  6. It's so lovely when your little ones get engrossed in a book.

    Nina x

  7. Yum I love a good gifted chutney, and that mud looks incredible.


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