Sunday, 8 March 2015




This weekend I've...........
Started my retro quilt.  I have been collecting and cutting retro sheets and Fat Quarters.  I have a favourite blue flower sheet which will be my backing.  Tonight I plan on pinning and sometime this week I will start to everything together.  Can't wait to show you my progress.
Enjoyed dinner out with friends Friday night for cocktails and fresh seafood.  The very best of combinations I think.
My amazing friend Leigh gave me a Crown Lynn Swan.  She always gives me such beautiful gifts.  And this completes my set of 3.
Bell and I had a girls morning in town, cold drinks and warm pastries.
I op shopped and found pink Pyrex and retro spice canisters and salt and pepper shakers.
Our school gala was on Saturday afternoon, the boys had a great time and loaded up on sugary treats, as you do.
Reading old cookbooks, loving a particular one from the early 1980's.
And later on Mr H and I enjoyed a quiet night in.
Sunday we stayed in PJ's till noon.  I did a bit of gardening and then spent the rest of the afternoon building Lego with Tom.  I think I have earned my Lego Degree by now.
A laid back weekend after a busy week.  Even working "just part time" makes my weekdays full, not to mention the constant picking up and dropping off of children for kindy, school, swimming, appointments and errands.  I really look forward to my weekends.  There hasn't been a lot of time for blogging or visiting favourite blogs, but with the cooler months just around the corner I expect that will change when we start to spend more time indoors.
Have a great week! xo


  1. Such beautiful fabrics, your quilt will be amazing! Looking forward to seeing the progress. Lovely charity shop finds, the pink Pyrex is fab. X

  2. Those vintage fabrics are to die for. So pretty! The life of a mum is always a busy one- enjoy the day to day, blogs will be there when you are ;) x

  3. As a child I had sheets in the pink and purple print in the centre of your photo! Oh how I loved those sheets. What a lovely idea for a quilt. I can't wait to see how it turns out.

  4. Looks like a fabulous weekend, can't wait to see your quilt progressing. I know how how feel with the busyness of being a working mum - my weeks have been like it too. In fact my mum has been complaining that my blog has been a bit boring lately, cos I haven't been up to much.
    Have a great week.

  5. So glad you are soaking it all in buddy!! Your weekend sounded full and perfect! All of your finds are outstanding! So glad you got good time in with each member of your crew! Here is to being a busy mama and taking in the slow when we can get it!!! Happy week you! Nicole xoxo

  6. and I can't wait to see that quilt!!! :)))

  7. Hahaha!!! Lego chain gang!!!! Brilliant! I too have a Lego degree :)
    Love the retro canisters, they are gorgeous, good find!

  8. LOVE the fabrics for your quilt and that pink Pyrex is so cute!!!

  9. Sounds like a great weekend! I love the pyrex especially! xx

  10. Can't wait to see how that vintage quilts turns out. The fabrics are fabulous. What a lovely weekend you had! Xx

  11. I've a PhD in lego. Your quilt will be amazing and fab on the bed in dark and dreary winter. Still summer here at 26 deg and humid. Autumn is a long way off I think.

  12. Pink and just look at the perfection that is the handles on that bowl. I haven't seen one like it before.
    The floral sheets are lovely. My 'plus quilt' is a work in progress. I'm looking for the perfect backing still. x

  13. Your swap parcel is on its way!! The man in the post office thinks it should take about a week. I hope it's not squashed... you'll need to read my blog post (which I'm about to write!) to find out why it might be.


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