Sunday, 22 March 2015

Hello..........and a list


Hello!  It's been too long between blog posts.  Life has been busy and by the time everyone is in bed I have just been wanting to curl up and read or watch some online programmes.  So I thought I would do another one of Pip's lists which is always a good way to have a catch up.

Making:  tactile story books for our blind students.  Love that I get to craft at work.
Cooking: Soups.  As soon as the cooler weather calls in I dust off my crockpot.
Drinking: Coffee.  Loving plain old instant coffee at the moment with lots of milk and sugar.
Reading: Maeve Binchy books over again, just finished Evening Class and about to start Tara Road.
Wanting: winter boots, a bigger china cabinet and WORLD PEACE!
Looking: at Retro Caravans online.............waiting for the perfect one and saving our pennies.
Playing: Snap!  Jeez 6 year olds are sore losers.
Deciding: on what to plant in my vegetable garden for winter.
Wishing: I had started my Te Reo Maori classes sooner, loving be in the classroom again.
Enjoying: my job and the people I work with and meet.
Waiting: for the cooler weather to arrive.  Can't wait to light the fire again.  And hibernate a little.
Liking:  my Friday's off with George.  We make no plans and just see where the day takes us.
Wondering: about the upcoming school holidays.  2 weeks off.  I only work Term Time, hooray!
Loving:  weekly date nights.  Have really been making an effort to head out once a week with Mr H.
Pondering: Hoola Hooping. A friend loves it and wants me to go along.  I think I look crazy doing it.
Watching: The Missing, Location, Location, Location (always my favourite) and The Club online.
Hoping:  the mice won't visit now that the maize has been harvested over the fence.  Eek.
Marvelling: at Kimberley and all that she does.  So much energy!
Needing: a hair cut and colour amongst other "grooming" requirements
Smelling: scented candles.  When the boys are in bed I light a few around the house.  So pretty.
Wearing: dresses and saltwater sandals, although the last few mornings my feet have been cold.
Following: my Kiwi friend Kath and her new adventures in Canada with her family
Noticing: the shorter evenings.....the dark is creeping in earlier and earlier.
Knowing: the Vintage Season (Wine Harvest) will eventually finish so we can have Mr H back.
Thinking: we were lucky that Cyclone Pam was easy on us.  Poor Vanuatu took a hammering.
Admiring: my clever friend Leigh and her new range of beautiful prints.
Buying: Birthday presents for George.  He turns 4 this week.  I need another baby.
Getting: excited for my sisters arrival on Thursday - a flying visit with her children.
Bookmarking: clothing ideas for a winter wardrobe.
Opening: a blog swap parcel all the way from France!
Giggling: about conversations with Tom. Very interested in what words he is not allowed to say.
Feeling: busy, motivated and tired but happy.

Have a great week xo


  1. Love your list - such a quick way to catch up with all that has been happening.

  2. All sounds good, but no wonder you are busy!! xx

  3. Sounds hectic but happy Elaina X

  4. Great list...I think I'll do one too! I went straight to check out Kath's blog. I'd love to visit Canada one day.

  5. Missing you! And must blog tomorrow ;) has been hectic since the furniture arrived! xx

  6. ooh I'm in a list :) - as I write a list of all the things I need to do... I need grooming too - a serious groom!
    Love the sound of making tactile books. Happy Birthday to George - 4 is such a cool age!

  7. I'm glad it's arrived safely. I hope you like it!!

  8. Lots on but sounds pretty good! Hope there is more of the same coming up for you all x

  9. So good to see you friend! Your list is awesome!!! And a baby....I so get that!!! Wishing you cozy nights to come by the fire!!! Enjoy your sister!!! Nicole xoxo

  10. Well I actually got to it!!! Thanks for the inspiration!


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