Saturday, 18 January 2014

The best Advent gifts..........ever!

In December I participated in the Christmas Advent Swap 2013 - I was very lucky to partnered up with Tracy from the blog Inside the Scrap Heap.  Along with the most wonderful Advent calendar tree that Tracy sent for my three children, I also received 25 gifts to open each day of December until Christmas day.  This is a very overdue post - that should have been done a couple of weeks ago.

Thank you so much Tracy for all the time, thought, love and energy that has gone into every gift.  I swear you must have been peeking through my windows - you were spot on with colours and I love every single gift you sent.

I felt so spoilt and it was such a fun thing to do in the lead up to Christmas day.  Each morning Tom would hunt out the correct day and stand by the bed with my gift in hand ready for me to open.........Princess much?!

Come take a sticky beak at what I was given.................

Christmas cookies in a jar, yum!

Smiggle notepad, eraser and pens.  Coloured twine and a stack of washi tape.

Retro fabric (perfect for my growing stash) and nail Christmas colours.

The sweetest little tea infuser I have ever seen.  Organic teas......lovely.

2014 diary.  Perfect colour and size for me.  I don't do digital diaries so this will be well used.  A very dinky shopping list organiser.

Christmas craft supplies and a card making set - I will use these this coming Christmas.

Chocolate............ummmmm ok, there was actually ALOT more chocolate and a tin of delicious biscuits.  But they have long been eaten.  I won't point fingers.

An alarm clock.  The colours are my favourites.  And it is so retro looking!

The best pin cushion, EVER.  I think Tracy must have made this.  In a Crown Lynn mug, genius.

I may have squealed (loudly) when I opened these.  Flamingo Fairy does she know I LOVE flamingos?

Sweet little artworks all bundled up together.

And these beauties were my Christmas day gift.  Four hand towels.  Made by Tracy I'm sure.  In my bathroom colours too.  With a clever button to make sure they stay securely on the rail.  Our hand towels are always slipping onto the floor.  Not these ones, they stay put.  I love the retro material and I KNOW you must have been peeking in my windows after unwrapping these!

 Thank you so, so much Tracy.  You are amazing!  Elaina xo
Below are all the gifts that were wrapped up and ready to be shipped to my swap partner, Kimberley from Creative Chaos who I already knew quite well from reading her blog.  Kimberley has published a few posts on what she received from me.  Pop over to take a look.  I loved putting together all of Kimberley's Advent goodies.
If you get the chance this year, I really do recommend signing up for an Advent Swap.  I've read that  Cat who organised this one will be including Australia in this year's swap.  Fun!
Have a great weekend!


  1. My jaw hit the floor at all that goodness. That's a whole lot of love wrapped up in that gift to you, what a great swap partner you had!

  2. I am so so pleased you loved everything!! The Pin cushion was made by me but the hand towels, I must confess, were sewn by my Mum! She is going to teach me how to make them this year!
    I can't wait to join up again this year!

  3. P.S I didn't spy in your windows but I did some serious blog stalking to choose what to get you!!

  4. Such lovely things that you received. How kind, and so personal to you! The mug/pin cushion is so lovely and such a sweet idea! Love the flamingoes too!! Just lovely!! xx

  5. that is amazing! for real!!! such wonderful gifts xxxx

  6. What fun! I love the thought and care that went into each gift. The hand towels are clever - I am forever picking up hand towels from the floor as my son seems unable to hang them back up on the hook. I like the way you packaged up your gifts, with the brown bags and number stamps, it's very festive. x

  7. Awesome! What great fun and how lovely to have such a thoughtful partner!


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