Friday, 24 January 2014

A list

Making :  hand stitched goodies for upcoming bloggy swaps - love a deadline me!
Cooking :Brave corn.  Watermelon salad.  Lots of chicken and pasta dishes.  Love summer food.
Drinking : juice topped up with lemonade, love a bit of fizz on hot days.
Reading: "The little princesses" by Marion Crawford, former governess to Queen Elizabeth.
Wanting: just one more week of school holidays.  Not ready to give up my slow mornings just yet.
Looking: at my new sewing machine.  Can't wait to get sewing this weekend.
Playing: nursemaid - tummy bugs are doing the rounds in our house this week.
Deciding: on what to name our new residents, they haven't arrived yet....any day now.
Wishing: my sister would hurry up and book her flights - dying to see my nephew.
Enjoying: cool evenings in the garden while avoiding being hit by the latest craze - the Frisbee.
Waiting: for Mr H to get home with my well deserved bubbles!
Liking: that our favourite orchard is back open for the season - nectarines and apples galore.
Wondering: how it is possible that one small child can eat about 6 huge carrots........every day.
Loving:  our bed, and getting to sleep in it un-interrupted.  This doesn't happen very often.
Pondering: when a certain someone will start sleeping through the night.......
Considering: going on a sleeping holiday.
Watching:  great 80's movies.  Last night it was "Batteries not included".  Any favourites?
Hoping:  I won't cry next week when Tom starts school.  Going to hold it together!!!
Marvelling: at the fact I have a Teen who is about to start college.  Where does the time go?
Needing: some carpet for the room next door - would make the perfect sewing room.
Smelling: star-gazer lilies - such a beautiful scent.  Huge bouquet bought on sale at the supermarket.
Wearing: my new Turquoise Saltwater Sandals.  A Christmas pressie from Mr H - he dislikes them.
Following: the Garden Share Collective - I'm joining in next month.
Noticing: amazing growth in the garden - looking forward to some fresh produce soon.
Knowing: that everything happens for a reason.
Thinking: I'm going to be 36 next month, 36!
Feeling: content.
Admiring: fellow blogger Nicole for taking the plunge with me and signing up for sewing school.
Buying: Birthday pressies and putting them away.  February and March a crazy months for us.
Getting: organised for 5th Tom's Birthday - such a special number.  I still remember my 5th party.
Bookmarking: online recipes.  I used to bookmark clothing sites - oh how times have changed.
Opening: party invites, non of which are for me!  Do your children have a busier social life than you?
Giggling: at naughty children (behind closed doors) - if I don't I will cry!
Feeling: grateful that despite finding my camera floating in the fish tank - it is still working!

A list via Pip.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Wow, you really are busy!! I hope that the start of school goes well for Tom, and for you! xx

  2. Oh - i was a mess when they all started school. Will be a mess at the end of this year when we finish 13 years at one school! Sweetcorn and watermelon sounds interesting! Happy sewing. Fab list.

  3. I don't know what a sleeping holiday is, but I want!! Enjoy your bubbles and gazing at your new sewing machine!

  4. Your turquoise saltwaters sound gorgeous- show us a pic! have a great w.end :)

  5. That's some list!! Starting on the journey of school is always emotional isn't it, however many times you have done it x

  6. LOVE these lists - a snapshot into you .. .. ..

    You Me We Us are partners in my Sew Sweet Swap - :) did you get the questionnaire ?

  7. I love this list. I just saw it on Christina Lowry's blog too. It's really comprehensive. I loved reading yours.

  8. What a great list! April is our crazy birthday month so have total understanding and 5 is so so special :) I have turqoise Salties too - how could your Mr not like them ;)


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